England’s Chief Medical Officer Says That It is the “Most Dangerous” Point in the Pandemic

Top health official in England, the chief medical officer is asking people to minimize contact with others, as the coming weeks will be the worst for the country.

Professor Chris Whitty asked people not to wait for government directives to avoid contact with others but to take that intiate themselves. He asked people to “double down” on avoiding any unnecessary contacts.

He pleaded the people to follow safe distance rules and asked them to keep the contact to minimal. He said, “Even within them [the rules], we should be doing our level best to minimise the amount of unnecessary contact with people who are not in our household. I can’t emphasise that enough.”

He further elaborated that according to his expertise, the pandemic is at the “most dangerous” point in the country.

He also explained how in some areas of the country, the infection rate was much higher. Whitty said, “In London for example one in 30 people currently have this coronavirus, across the country as a whole, it’s one in 50. So this is a serious problem, and it’s rising in every part of England.”

He also discussed that the new variant is also complicating matters. “This new variant is really pushing things in a way that the old variant, which was already very bad, was not able to. So we have a very significant problem … The next few weeks are going to be the worst weeks of this pandemic in terms of numbers into the NHS,” he elaborated.

The warnings come after seven new mass vaccination centers have opened across the country. These centers are located in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, Epsom and Stevenage. Whitty also explained that it will still be several weeks before vaccinations for the virus begin.

“We are now very close to the point with vaccination that we’re going to be able to get on top of this, but it’s not yet. If we want the numbers not to go up still further, everybody has to minimise the number of unnecessary contacts they have in their day,” he said.

He further went on to say that there is a “very high chance” that anyone you meet right now without reason will have COVID-19.

Whitty also said that there might be some “logic” to extending mask use in outdoor settings as well.

Study Shows One in Five in England Have Had COVID-19

These warning come at the brink of another modeling study that shows that one in five people in England may have had coronavirus. This means that 12.4 million people may have already gotten infected with the virus. This stands for 22 percent of the population.


The study went to explain that this statistic might even be one in two infected for some other areas.

According to experts, it could signal that the actual number of people infected with coronavirus may be five times higher than the officially reported cases.

Some reports even suggest that some parts of London and the South might have had eight times the official reported cases.

The report by Edge Health estimated total cases by looking at each local authority’s Covid-related deaths as published by the Office for National Statistics and their estimated infection fatality ratio (IFR).

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