Is Lifting Lockdown a Wise Decision or a Fatal Mistake?

It’s been a long time since we last met with our friends and work colleagues. A wave of ‘quietness’ has arrived in the past couple of months due to the outbreak of deadly coronavirus that caused a massive global level lockdown.

The question is clicking in everyone’s mind that what will happen when the lockdown will be lifted away?

A paper published today in The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has shed light on the lockdown decision and reported that eight weeks of UK’s lockdown has caused a huge impact on country’s socio-economic status that include education system, employment, and income as people did not follow proper precautionary measures in the first place.

Lockdown due to a disease outbreak can be helpful in developing a policy for the wellbeing of the nation and to curb new cases given the inability of healthcare departments, hospitals, and other health systems to bear the disease burden.

Boris Johnson, British prime minister addressed the nation on May 10 and announced the Government’s plan of lifting the lockdown and the mechanics of the policy.

Easing the Lockdown May Result in Several Other Dangers:

Lifting the lockdown of COVID-19 will put its devastating impacts on the frontline staff members who are currently living in the mouth of danger. They are working selflessly to serve millions of humans in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic that has infected at least 4.5 million people and taken above 300,000 lives throughout the world.

The death toll of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom is nearly twice as high as the figures reported every day. A total of 234,431 cases with 33,692 deaths have been reported. The stats have been compiled by mixed resources including Johns Hopkins University (JHU) live update about coronavirus and Worldometer.

Source: Worldometer

The BMJ report states that several factors can worsen the pandemic when the lockdown ends. These include a lack of testing or tracing the novel coronavirus in infected patients that are currently in care homes or admitted patients. Failure to contact tracing or testing can result in a rapid increment in the number of infectious cases in no time after easing the lockdown.

Ways to Ease the Pandemic Before Lifting the Lockdown

It is still unknown how long the virus can stay in the body so, it will be very hard to know the exact number of cases throughout the country.

Previously, a system known as a ‘top-down vertical system’ (TDVS) was used in which a top person makes the decisions of how something should be done. TDVS has been reported to give undesirable results with operational problems and delays.

So, there is an urgent need for a rapid contact tracing to get out of this pandemic. The traced infectious people are requested to self-isolate as long as the diminishing of the symptoms. The ‘tested and self-isolated’ rule can help in reducing the transmission of the deadly virus.

Source: Statista

UK Government is extending the lockdown for more time to overcome the spread of the virus.

By following simple precaution given by two of the famous centers including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who are closely monitoring the stats of the virus and working on finding ways to stop the transmission through effective and simple ways in a short time.

CDC recommends some protective measures to ward off the infection such as frequent hand washing, avoiding social close contact with people, covering face while sneezing, coughing, or talking because the particles of the virus can spread through it, and using a hand sanitizer that contains 60% of the alcohol.

Source: CDC

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