Lamar Odom Begins To Make ‘Slow Progress’ After Drug Overdose

Good news for Lamar Odom fans – the 35-year-old former NBA star has begun to make slow progress after being hospitalized for a case of drug overdose. He has emerged from his temporary coma, deeply relieving friends and family, especially Kholé Kardashian who hasn’t left his side since the incident.

Odom Takes A Downfall

Lamar Odom was recently admitted to the hospital after being discovered unconscious is a brothel in Nevada. After remaining in a coma for about three days, he regained consciousness and has since shown small but significant signs of improvement.

Doctors state that Odom is still not completely in the clear – medically speaking – and that chances of setbacks are quite possible. The road to recovery is long and tough.

There’s Always Hope

“Lamar is making progress slowly. Today has been a good day”, a source reported on Sunday. “There are a lot of people praying for him.”

Since emerging from his coma, Odom has been able to speak small sentences, like ‘good morning’. He has also been able to leave his bed and slide into a chair, communicate using had signals and has passed a swallow test, which is a very promising sign of intact neurological functioning.

Moreover, Odom can now breathe independently without a ventilator, and is using a non re-breather mask that pumps oxygen, that too in fairly low amounts. Doctors hope to eventually wean him off any breathing assistance, depending on how well his body can cope. As a result of his kidney failure, the former star remains on dialysis.

Doctors are currently running tests to evaluate the extent of any brain damage or other long-term effects from the overdose. The team of professionals treating Odom include a cardiologist, a neurologist, a critical care physician and a primary care doctor.

Kholé Kardashian Supports Odom All The Way

Kholé, 31, has been working with the doctors to ensure Odom receives adequate attention and care. She has also spent every night in his room since he was admitted. She thanks her family, all of who flew in to see Odom, the doctors, nurses and any visitor who comes to pay his regards.


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