The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced two new voluntary food recalls due to a possible listeria infection. The food products belonged to Let’s Do Lunch, Inc, and Green Cuisine.

Let’s Do Lunch, Inc, is a US-based privately run food service company that provides ready made meals to customers, especially school lunches to different schools around the United States. Recently the company voluntarily recalled its ready-to-eat sandwiches because of a potential contamination of listeria.

The Company took this step in response to the routine environmental sampling procedure conducted by the FDA, as a result of which different Listeria strains were found on surfaces where products were being manufactured.

Although no illness has been reported due the consumption of the sandwiches, the company is determined to find the root cause of the infection whilst working with FDA and several other food safety experts.

The Sandwiches were distributed nationwide in 29 states and FDA affirms to provide a list of the recalled product from different school districts as soon as the process is finished. As the product was distributed directly to different school districts therefore, some food items are estimated to still be present in frozen storage due to school summer breaks and can be returned to the company easily. Additionally, FDA made it clear that no retail product was affected by this recall.

Let’s Do Lunch, Inc, has previously been observed to be keen in ensuring protection from any food-borne illnesses that might be caused due to any sort of infection at the production line. Since its inception in 2005, Let’s do Lunch, Inc, has successfully proven itself in the catering business by securing annual revenues of $500, 000 to $999, 999, according to US Local Directory.

Another prominent recall recently reported by the FDA, was carried out by the Green Cuisine company due to the possibility of their peas, an ingredient in their ‘Pesto Pasta Salad’, being contaminated with listeria.

Green Cuisine initiated the recall after their chief supplier of frozen peas, National Frozen Foods, notified them of the contamination and recalled the frozen green peas used in the product.

According to FDA, the recalled products were sold between 15 and 16 June in whole foods market locations, in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. The products were sold in 7.4 oz clear plastic containers labeled with the name ‘Whole Foods Pesto Pasta Salad w/Arugula’. Additional details include the UPC code of the product and expiry date which were 857898004333 and 6/20/16 respectively.

FDA urged the consumers to bring their receipts to stores for a full refund and to discard the product  to further ensure their safety from any listeria-borne infection.

The Green Cuisine company has been providing award-winning services to consumers since 1983. It secured the New Jersey Travel Association Tourism Diamond Award in 2009 owing to its high quality food and excellent services. The main food specialties of the company are ‘exotic crispy salads’, ‘gourmet sandwiches & wraps’, ‘tropical fruit creations’, ‘fruit & yogurt smoothies’, ‘fresh squeezed juices’ in addition to their classic homemade soups, quiches & desserts.

Similarly, four listeria-related food recalls in different foods products were also reported last week by the FDA. The companies that recalled their products in that case were Kashi Company, Zupan’s Markets, Essential Foods Inc, and HelloFresh.

It is important to recall any product having even the slightest chance of being contaminated by listeria as Listeria monocytogenes are a bacterial strain that has the potential to cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in children, young adults or elderly people due to weakened immune systems. Furthermore, if not treated or diagnosed properly it can result in stillbirths or miscarriages in pregnant women.