Welcome that slice of pizza back into your life and stop cringing at the sight of your soda, a new study has found that Junk Food isn’t actually what is making you, and countless other Americans, obese.

You can thank the good people over at Cornell for a very new study, which takes some of the heat off of junk food. Of late it seems like one article after the other is trying to tell us all the many ways that something delicious is trying to kill us – so this one seems like a breath of fresh cheese (excuse the pun).

Junk Food Isn’t Making You Any More Obese Than Usual

Surprisingly, the study found that it was not soda or sweets that was making people in the US fat. It found that underweight people in the country were eating more junk food than people who were battling morbid obesity.

The study, which can be found in the Journal Obesity Science & Practice, looked at the food that around 6,000 people were eating, according to MarketWatch. The study made the marvelous discovery that eating more fast food, candy and soda had no correlation to a higher BMI (body mass index).

The researchers found that it wasn’t as much about what people were eating but how much they were eating. And getting rid of junk food was not going to make much of a difference with the boycott wasn’t followed up with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Most Parents of Obese Children Think Their Kids Are ‘Just Right’

Trying to tackle obesity is hard business so if you are trying to come up with a plan that allows you to stay healthy simply pretending that juicy burgers, smoothies, pancakes, pop, etc doesn’t exist will not work.

The study did make on unfortunate discovery: French fries are really bad for you. People whose BMIs were higher than 44.9 (which is totally yikes) and were in the morbid obesity category were consuming 50% more fries than anyone else. So as much as it breaks my heart to say this, put the ketchup away and forget those potatoes for a while.

However, take the findings of the study with a pinch of salt. Just because junk food might not be the sole reason you’re putting on the pounds does not mean that eating junk all the time is going to be good for you.

With WHO telling us meat is evil, other studies reporting that sugar is worse than some hardcore drugs, and more, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re better off watching how often you eat, well, junk.