Obesity Treatment Is Just An Injection Away

Scientists have come up with the theory saying that an injection of gut hormones can prevent different addictions. They claim that such hormones can help people control their impulsive behaviors and compulsive actions, like eating, smoking and drinking. Their injection in the body means that people who are prone to obesity due to stress eating may be.

Obesity Treatment

The academics at Imperial College in London are introducing a study to find out if there is any such hormone produced in the human body that can fight against the urge of overeating, nicotine from cigarettes, alcohol etc.

Scientists have explained that people who are overweight undergo twinges for food. This is similar to those who are drug addicts, who feel try to fulfill their need of nicotine or alcohol as soon as possible. It is because the brain becomes attuned to the cravings and the impulse-control center of the brain becomes weaker and weaker.

Obesity Treatment Is Just An Injection Away

Researchers have presented the solution that by utilizing two hormones, glucagon just like peptide 1 (GLP-1) and ghrelin, these cravings can be managed. These hormones have been known for repelling overeating. It is believed that they can be useful in block addictions and even stress levels, which are both the cause and effect of overeating.

Doctor Tony Goldstone of Imperial college said, “Research has shown that over weight people eat more when they are stressed. They choose to eat fatty foods and desserts, that further damages their health.”

Obesity Treatment
Obesity Treatment Is Just An Injection Away

He mentioned that they try very hard to stop eating but often fail to succeed. Overcoming their eating disorders is as difficult for them to avoid eating as it is for the drug addicts and smokers to give up their addictions.

The analysts feel that these hormones may even aid the drug addicts of cocaine in getting rid of their impulses. Tony explained, “If this hormone is successful, in the long run it will be utilized by people as the diabetes patients take insulin injections. Our main objective is to stop people from going back to their old habits of addiction.”

Tony described that when people try to overcome their addition, the relapse rate is usually very high. For example, people manage to stay away from their craving of cigarettes in earlier months by over 40%, but the rate lowers from 6 to 8% within a year.

The hormones that are being worked on do not only curb addiction but also decrease the chances of relapse, and help people stay sober. They can be very helpful for all those who have detoxified themselves for a long period of time and are trying not to fall prey to their addictions again.

The Study On Obesity Treatment

The analysts have called upon 90 volunteers that include 30 obese people who are trying to lose weight, 30 ex-smokers and 30 ex-alcoholics. They want to inject these hormones in their bodies and monitor the effects against a control group.

The subjects will be injected with these hormones in a process of 6 hours, where these people will be shown pictures of the things they are addicted to. Their physiological responses will be noted down and analysed by the researchers, judging whether the hormone brought about a change.

It is said that once these hormones are approved, they will be available in the market for use within the next 5 years!

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