An America based company, Ripple Foods, has introduced a new alternative to dairy milk – The Pea Milk – that is expected to be replacing the conventional milk from cows and has shown the potential to become US’ next big thing by hitting Whole Foods in April and Target stores this May.

The introduction of this ‘mew’ milk raised many speculations about the ingredients involved in its preparation. Ripple fulfilled the curiosity of many people by listing down the ingredients used in the making of this high-demand product on their website. The Ripple’s Pea Milk is high protein milk that is made by using yellow peas. It also contains sunflower oil, algal oil and a number of vitamins and minerals. This unique milk is specially designed by keeping lactose intolerant people in mind as it is dairy-free and is meant to prevent bloating and helping people in achieving weight loss.

They used organic ultra-clean protein from chickpeas, along with organic sunflower oil for prompting creamy texture to the milk. Organic sugar from cane was used for providing the right amount of sweetness to the milk. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are brain nourishing compounds, were added in the form of algal oil. Moreover, a perfect blend of essential vitamins and minerals has been added by the Ripple Foods for entertaining their customs by providing ultimate health benefits with delicious taste.

The product is claimed to taste nothing like peas. “It is high in protein, low in sugar and most importantly, rich, creamy and delicious,” stated manufacturers while assuring the public about the transparency of the ingredients and methods used in the making of the milk. “We are Ripple. We are built on the truth that even the smallest actions can have far reaching impacts,” they added.

This milk product has been founded by Neil Renninger and Adam Lowrey, two famous entrepreneurs in Emeryville, CA. Their aim is to provide best healthy alternatives for milk. “It’s dairy-free for everyone. Just as it should be.” is the go-to slogan of the company. The need for developing a vegan based product was felt when Neil and Adam cross-checked the basic stats about Americans being overfed and undernourished. They observed that every third child in US is either overweight or obese and 70% of them are vitamin D deficient and 60% don’t get enough calcium. In order to cater all those problems, Ripple made a smart move by marketing their product in four different flavors named as Original, Original Unsweetened, Vanilla and Chocolate, which makes ‘The Pea Milk’ healthier and an irresistible choice. The makers claim that these delicious foods are great over cereal, absolutely delicious in coffee, and fantastic just poured in a glass for drinking. It contains eight times more protein, 8g of protein per serving, as compared to other milk sources. Ripple has half the amount of the sugar than dairy milk that adds up to make 15% less amount than other dairy alternatives. It is very low in saturated fats and enriched in calcium and vitamin D levels which are two very important constituents for healthy bones.

The dried peas used in the Pea milk belong to legume family, which are high in fiber, low in fats and most importantly cholesterol free. Studies reveal that the pulses have a potential of lipid and cholesterol lowering effects.

Ripple proclaims it is affecting the environment positively by using less harmful and alternative options to manufacture its product. According to them, they are not using almonds that require lots of water for cultivation or cattle which contribute to deforestation. They claim that peas have a small ‘environmental footprint’ as the yellow peas used by them grow in areas that receive heavy rainfall and do not need extra amount of water and complex irrigation systems. They believe that their product requires 93 percent less water in making than dairy milk. “Ripple’s bottles are also made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and that plastic can be recycled by 99% of US households,” company affirms.

Another positive point made by Ripple Foods is that the sources used by them for producing milk are GMO free. For instance, the yellow peas found in their Pea Milk can only be obtained from non‑GMO seeds, unlike soy that can come from both GMO and non‑GMO sources. The milk is perfect for vegans and majority of Americans who are lactose intolerant. This pea milk has got nothing to do with dairy sources. It is hundred percent vegan, lactose free, gluten free and free of nuts.

Ripple’s introduction of the pea milk follows the United States introduction of Canadian vegetable-based milk which was launched last year named as ‘Veggemo’. It was made from pea protein, cassava root tapioca, and potatoes.

The cofounder Adam Lowry has a sustainable soap brand to his credit, which made a $100 million plus business but his passion for innovation led him to peruse his goal by developing the most unique alternative of milk — Ripples’ Pea Milk.