Physical Education Motivates Students to Achieve A Healthy Mind and Body

Physical education is as important as academic performance and other life lessons. Physical fitness helps not just in strengthening the sensory and motor skills but also helps in maintaining well-disciplined behavior. It also helps in achieving good academic performance of students of physical education, says a recent study, conducted by Spanish researchers, and published in Frontiers in Psychology – Educational Psychology.

The team of researchers gathered the data consisted of 919 Spanish secondary school students to determine their academic achievements and changes in behaviors. For this purpose, the investigators followed two theories of motivation including Achievement Goal Theory (AGT) and Self-Determination Theory (SDT).

AGT: This theory developed to determine three things to measure a student’s motivation including achievement goals (AG) and behaviors and perceived ability. AG has further two types of goal orientations including outcome goal orientation (OGO) and task goal orientation (TGO).

Those students who have the characteristics of OGO considered to be more motivated to have high abilities and also they are more active to beat others. Whereas, those students who followed TGO were motivated to do self-referenced which means they prompted to improve their last performance.

Source: Sport Psychology

SDT: This theory is one of the theories of human motivation which is a process that begins with a physiological and psychological need that activates the behavior. SDT used to address three universal, innate, and psychological needs including competency, autonomy, and psychological relatedness.

Source: Positive Psychology

The current study was designed to find out five variables including antecedents that involved a task-oriented motivational climate, and motivational processes that involved basic psychological needs and autonomous motivation which can be defined as those goals that reflected personal interests and values. Lastly, the consequences that involved disciplined behavior, physical education, and academic performance of students. The team used a tool known as Spanish validated questionnaires (SVQ) for data collection and to check the consistency of the scores.

However, to measure the big data, study variables, and consequences, the researchers used Mplus statistical program because it helps the investigators with a flexible tool to analyze their data.

After the analysis of autonomous motivation, the team found out that students of physical education had a more mannered attitude, as well as their academic achievements, had positive outcomes. The results of the current study could be a great help for the teachers as it showed the ways to gain mannered behavior and disciplined attitude among students of physical education.

Importance and Benefits of Physical Education and Physical Fitness

People are often mistaken to take physical education (PE) as sports education but PE is something different than sports. It can be defined as a process of education or learning through physical activities that help in improving an individual’s physical fitness, develop motor skills, improve living, sportsmanship, and emotional intelligence.

On another hand, physical fitness plays an important role in contributing to the quality of life as it improves heart health and also it helps in reducing the chances to get heart diseases and obesity.

Source: Physical Activity Guidelines, UK

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