Schools Can Reopen as Physicians Say Children Seldom Transmit COVID-19

A debate is raging across the world on whether schools should be reopened or not, considering the transmission risk of COVID-19. Some are against the idea but others say schools can reopen if they strictly adhere to guidelines to ensure low community transmission. In the journal Pediatrics, the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a commentary has been published, concluding kids seldom transmit COVID-19 to one another or to adults and that schools, if they follow suitable physical distancing rules and considering overall rates of transmission in their locale, can and should reopen in the fall.

The authors of the commentary are well known pediatrician infectious diseases specialists; Benjamin Lee, M.D. and William V. Raszka, Jr., M.D., at the faculty of the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine. In the new study published in Pediatrics study by Klara M. Posfay-Barbe, M.D., at University of Geneva’s medical school, and her team found that studied the just 8% of the children were found suspects, lying in the suspected index case, revealed by contact tracing in households of 39 Swiss children infected with COVID-19.

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In a recent study from China, contact tracing showed that, of the 68 kids with COVID-19 admitted to Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Hospital from January 20 to February 27, 2020, 96% contracted the virus from adults who were previously infected. In another investigation of Chinese kids, nine of 10 kids admitted to a few common emergency clinics outside Wuhan contracted COVID-19 from adults, with only one possible child-to-child transmission, based on the timing of disease onset.

In a French report, a kid with COVID-19 exposed to over 80 classmates at three schools to the sickness. None contracted it. Transmission of other respiratory illnesses, including flu transmission, was regular at the schools.

In a new study in New South Wales, nine infected students and nine staff across 15 schools were exposed to a total of 735 students and 128 staff to COVID-19. Just two secondary infections came about, one transmitted by an adult to a kid.

“The data are striking; the key takeaway is that children are not driving the pandemic. After six months, we have a wealth of accumulating data showing that children are less likely to become infected and seem less infectious; it is congregating adults who aren’t following safety protocols who are responsible for driving the upward curve,” said William V. Raszka, Jr., M.D., at the faculty of the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine.

Increasing cases of adults and kids in Texas childcare offices, which have seen 894 COVID-19 cases among staff members and 441 among kids in 883 childcare facilities over the state, can possibly be misinterpreted, said Dr. Raszka.

There is an uncontrolled transmission of COVID-19 in Texas today because a large number of adults are gathering without following precautionary measures. Therefore, it is improbable to say that babies and children in childcare are driving the flare-ups. In view of the proof, it’s increasingly plausible that adults are spreading the virus.

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