According to a new scientific research there is a difference between good touching and bad touching. A study was recently published in the Journal proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  where they graphically presented their findings – see it in the picture above.

The image shows the good touches and bad touches in various relationships. We all know that, if we are closer to one person, it is less awkward to touch that particular person. Unless, they are your family, as in that case an entirely different set of societal norms apply.

Researchers from three known universities i.e. Oxford University, Aalto University and the University of Turku, gave 13000 people silhouettes showing the front and the back of the human body. The silhouettes were labelled with various relationships like friends, family, acquaintances and strangers. 1

Then the volunteers were asked to color the outlines where each person would be allowed to touch them. The darker the shade is the more unwanted the touch is from that specific person.

The blue letters represent the remarks from men and red letters are from women.

The objective of this scientific research was to find out the role of touches in a given relationship. To lay it down precisely, the finding of the research suggests touch me not if you don’t know me.