The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an interesting new single pill treatment for HIV. The all rounder drug comes with a new mix of tenofovir, which has been known to reduce side effects from other treatments for HIV.

Why is this good news? Mostly because the drug could potentially help mitigate the impact of consuming multiple drugs that are meant for HIV.

The Drug For HIV Treatment

The drug, known as Genvoya, has a combination of emtricitabine, cobicistat, alafenamide, tenofovir and elvitegravir. It is meant to be consumed by people that are older than 12 years of age, and weight a minimum of 77 pounds. The target patient should also not have had any previous treatments for HIV.

The side effects aren’t the only thing that the medication is said to get rid of. Genvoya will also likely result in less toxicity in the kidneys, and fewer reductions in bone density. Both problems have been found to be a common side effect of consuming other medication.

A Happy Pill To Treat HIV

Despite the fact that it could have a beneficial impact on kidneys the FDA has still advised that patients that suffer from severe kidney problems steer clear of the medication.

“As the HIV patient population ages there is an increased risk for development of age- and treatment-related comorbidities, including low bone mineral density and renal impairment,” Dr. David Wohl, University of North Carolina, associate professor of medicine, explained. “This is due to the combination of HIV infection, antiretroviral treatments and the natural aging process,” he added.

The medication has been tested out on 3,171 patients through four clinical trials. While some participants were picked randomly to be administered the pill, others were placed on alternative HIV treatment. Gilead Sciences, the company that has created the drug, conducted these tests in 21 different countries through a diverse sample of patients.

Some of the participants had never had treatment before, some were virologically suppressed, some were adolescents, while some had renal impairments.

Single Pill HIV Treatment Possible Now

Genvoya was tested out in a thoroughly comprehensive fashion by the Gilead’s researchers. They found that the drug was able to lower viral loads effectively. It also managed to keep toxicity levels down for the kidneys and did not result in as many reductions in bone density, as opposed to other medications that are meant for the same purpose.

Patients that are suffering from the HIV-1 infection will be able to breathe a little easier with this addition to their medication regime. Of course, while it’s true that the drug has brought on some interesting benefits, one should never sign up for medication without a doctor’s approval.