The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning on Monday warning the entire planet that people don’t really get the major threat they are exposed to because of drug resistant superbugs.

The organization added that people don’t really know how to stop drug resistant diseases from turning their world upside down. The news comes after the conclusion of their global survey to see how aware people are about antibiotic resistance in general.

Superbug is a real threat: The survey included 10,000 people from 12 nations including Egypt, China, Nigeria, Mexico, Serbia, India, Barbados, Indonesia, South Africa, Vietnam and Sudan.

The UN health agency said that around 64% of their respondents reported back that penicillin based drugs and other antibiotics can tackle flu and colds, when in reality these drugs do very little to sway the common cold away from the person it’s sinking its teeth into.

The survey also showed that around a third of the respondents think they can stop taking medication when they feel a little better, as opposed to finishing the regime they were put on.

“The findings … point to the urgent need to improve understanding around antibiotic resistance,” WHO’s special representative for antimicrobial resistance, Keiji Fukuda, said.

Global behavior towards drug resistant diseases and antibiotics showed dangerous trends. And in this day and age the fact that it is ignorance that’s resulting in people’s poor health is alarming.

A disease becomes resistance to antibiotics when the infecting bacteria adapts to the drugs and learns to live with it. So instead of treating the infection antibiotics manage to do little but dance around the problems. Misusing antibiotics and using them frequently can result in the creation of superbug.

Multiple drug resistant diseases kill thousands of people every year all over the world, and the trend is seeing an alarming upward tick.

“The rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis,” the WHO’s director-general Margaret Chan said in a statement. “It is reaching dangerously high levels in all parts of the world.”

75% of the respondents also thought that antibiotic resistant meant that the body was resistant to the medication, when what it really means is that the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotic.

Almost 50% of the respondents thought that drug resistance only happens to people that are constantly abusing or overusing antibiotics – but this is also not the case. Superbugs can affect just about anyone they come into contact with. However, that doesn’t mean that overusing antibiotics does not have a role so steering clear when they aren’t actually needed maybe a better idea.

So how does one fight this? With a decent immune system. The survey shows that we are entering into a new era where infectious diseases can wreak havoc when not treated properly. A stronger body might have a better fighting change, so keep your health in check.

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