Swine flu (H1N1pdm09) has threaten the ISI, as it has spread in the ISIS fortified areas in Syria and Iraq. Panicked ISIS has started issuing health warning after many deaths took place due to this deadly epidemic. The ISIS is threatened by the Swine flu, which can wipe them out.

Swine Flu Threatens ISIS

According to ISIS, it is a ‘mysterious epidemic’ enclaving the region, is affecting the residents living under ISIS reign. A human right monitor group which operates in ISIS- ruled areas have uncovered this outbreak of Swine flu and also claimed that a large number of individuals at Raqqa are being affected. Raqqa is the area where this terrorist group has made its head quarter. This desperate situation has made the ISIS to take prompt measures by distributing pamphlets with preventive measures, urging them to wash their hands and staying away from the virus.

ISIS, panicked out, has pleaded foreign doctors to move to Syria and Iraq. Physicians from Human Rights (PHR) have claimed that doctors are either killed or they managed to fly away from ISIS reign. Syrian government is covering up the death toll from 40 to only 11. Syria is under the attack of Swine flu.

ISI has already been weakened as people under its reign are suffering from starvation and ISIS has cut down the salaries of their fighters.

ANALYSIS: Swine flu is a more serious threat which cannot only be controlled by taking preventive measures. The civilians living in Raqqa need real medical help by the global authorities. What action W.H.O with the consent of Security Council will take to provide them relief is an important question, as those are the people who have accepted the reign of ISIS and are the supporters of terrorism and anti-human activities. The war against ISIS has decreased their army up to some extent but the spread of this deadly endemic in ISIS occupied region, is a serious concern, especially for the civilian people residing under their reign.

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