The NHS Keeps You Fit; Zumba To Keep The NHS Fit!

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is certainly one of the better public health services of the world, with many other nations, even the US, trying to emulate its successes.

Physician, Heal Thyself!

In addition to keeping the British population healthy, however, the good people at the NHS have some health issues themselves. The NHS bill for staff sickness comes to around a whopping GBP 2.4 billion.

Simon Stevens, the NHS CEO recently unveiled a GBP 5 million plan to reduce the aforementioned bill, which will include, in addition to Zumba classes, physiotherapy, smoking cessation, weight management services and sports and exercise classes.

Creating healthy and supportive workplaces was no longer a “nice to have, it’s a must do”, he told the NHS Innovation Expo conference in Manchester.

It’s a strenuous job, keeping Britons fit and the stats prove it. The two biggest causes of absences at the NHS are mental health and muscoloskeletal problems.

Mr Stevens said: “NHS staff have some of the most critical but demanding jobs in the country.

“When it comes to supporting the health of our own workforce, frankly the NHS needs to put its own house in order.”

He said he knew of one hospital in the West Midlands that has a place selling chips every 200 yards.

He did not disclose the hospital in question but said that the amount of junk food in hospitals had got out of control.


So what does this wonder dance really do for your body?

Shed That Flab, Stat!

How about we start with weight loss? This fun way to get moving will cause an average person to burn up around 600 to 1000 calories. That means lesser weight, which means lesser chance of (amongst other things) heart-related diseases for the NHS personnel.

Looking Good, Doctor…

Moving on, how about muscle toning? Zumba makes you, without putting too much thought into it, go through some very specific motions. Lots of squats and twists. That means a lot of muscle-toning, which, in tandem with the weight loss, will make people look much better.


There’s also the social aspect of the whole thing. It’s a perfect way for the folks at the NHS interact with their co-workers in an environment not as tough as the ones they would be used to interacting in. Introverts, extroverts whatever-verts, it’ll bring everyone together. And that goes a long way on that whole mental health thing.

Dancing Away The Stress

Speaking of mental health, let’s not forget the stress factor. Medics and paramedics all over the world face a huge range of stress-induced illnesses. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists usually do recommend some strenuous exercise but, as opposed to simply popping pills, this is a course of action patients don’t stick to. Given how fun Zoomba is, we can rest assured of some sticking-to-the-regimen.

The Young And The Young-At-Heart

Furthermore, given how the NHS is a cadre that has people of many different age groups, it sure does help that – some tweaking aside – Zumba is a one-size-fits-all for all age groups. At the basic level, all age groups sweat it out together, bringing some of the previously mentioned interaction, this time between seniors officers and their juniors.

What About You?

Yes, you might not be a medic or paramedic, but we do know you might be wearing several hats at work, juggling many jobs, with ever shortening deadlines. You’re stressed as well. Why don’t you visit your local gym/fitness centre or dance studio and give it a try?

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