Type 2 Diabetes Increases Vascular Dementia Risk

Recently, many studies are being carried out which indicate that Diabetes 2 patients, especially women are at a high risk of developing Vascular Dementia. It is said that, over 60 percent of diabetic women can suffer from dementia.

The Study: Diabetes May Cause Vascular Dementia Risk

Researchers have emphasized that vascular dementia, can be formed in a diabetic patient over a period of time due to damaged blood vessels which do not provide necessary amount of blood to the brain. The blood vessels are obstructed, hence leading to reduced blood flow to the brain. It can also be caused because of a stroke.

Vascular Dementia
Vascular Dementia

Type 2 Diabetes Ups Vascular Dementia Risk in Women

Rachel Huxley, from Curtin University in Perth, Australia, has researched on the matter. She has explained that when we talk about dementia, Alzheimer’s disease instantly comes to the mind, as it is among the most common causes of dementia. But Alzheimer’s disease is not developed due to vascular failure. Rachel compared the two diseases saying, “ Alzheimer’s disease is caused when the nerve cells within the brain have died entirely and the brain is filled with abnormal protein. Whereas, Vascular dementia is the result of poor blood supply to the brain.”

These two diseases are entirely different from each other and should not be confused. She exclaimed that, “ To avoid dementia, a diabetic patient must strictly follow certain rules. They must quit smoking and drinking alcohol. They need to eat healthy food and keep their sugar level normal. They must also start working out regularly.”

Rachel said that, following all these steps would help the patient to get rid of this brutal disease. Around 14 surveys were conducted on over 2.3 million patients with diabetes. Of these almost 100,000 people were suffering from dementia. Researchers have concluded after comparing the results of these 14 surveys, that women are more likely to suffer from dementia as compared to men.

Vascular Dementia
Vascular Dementia

Women are more prone to vascular dangers in comparison to men, who have diabetes 2. Diabetes affects the human body in many other harmful ways. It affects the kidneys, leads to strokes and is also a major factor in heart diseases.

People who are not suffering from diabetes, were also part of a survey. The results of the survey revealed that, it is likely that 60% of diabetic patients would develop any sort of dementia, as compared to all those who were not diabetic. Further analysis needs to be carried out to know, why women are at a higher risk of developing dementia in comparison to men. Are sugar levels a factor in causing dementia? Over-weight and obesity are known factors contributing to type 2 diabetes. Researchers claim that, obesity can be the reason behind the formation of dementia through diabetes.

Covering the risk of vascular dementia: The diabetes patient needs to avoid all sort of unhealthy foods. Knowing the risk of other diseases that can be evolved due to diabetes, one must take good care of themselves. A proper diet and exercise plan must be formulated.

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