US Records Highest Single Day Coronavirus Cases Since the Pandemic Began

United States reported a record high number of coronavirus cases on Friday, surpassing the highest record single day cases in the country reported in middle of the first wave of cases. The new number of cases reported in a single day is more than 83,000. The number was reported by Johns Hopkins University.

Previously the highest number of cases in a single day was more than 77,000 cases in mid-July. On Friday, the number of deaths reported due to coronavirus were 943.

Till now nearly 8 million Americans have been infected with the virus and more than 223,000 people have died. Worldwide, the reported number of infections is at 42 million.

On Thursday the new coronavirus cases were 71,671. Ever since September, the new cases have been on a continuous rise. The increase has also been sharp, with thousands of people getting infected each day. The COVID Tracking Project also reported that 41,485 people are currently hospitalized since Friday. An interesting thing here is the fact that these hospitalizations are more than half of the highs recorded during the coronavirus surges this year.

Also, unlike previous surges that were seen, this one is reporting higher numbers in multiple states. The highest number of cases being reported right now are in Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.

Some good news has also come in the form of two separate studies that show that there has been a significant drop in mortality rates in hospitalized patients as doctors are becoming more competent and experienced at handling coronavirus cases. In one study it was seen that death rate among those hospitalized with the virus dropped 18 percent.

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson Restart Vaccine Trials

In a new development it was also announced that the companies AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have resumed late stage coronavirus vaccine trials in United States, after they were stopped in response to illnesses reported in test subjects. Now it seems that these illnesses are not linked with the vaccine and are independent events.

Federal health regulators gave permission to AstraZeneca after trial was stopped for six weeks. After an extensive investigation it was shown that the vaccine was not linked to the neurological illnesses caused in two study subjects.

The Johnson & Johnson trial which stopped for 11 days would also restart. The pause was given when there was reports of a “serious medical event” that had “no clear cause.” Dr. Paul Stoffels, the company’s chief scientific officer, explained in an interview that no one at the company knew if that subject had received a placebo or a vaccine.

There are four companies in late stage human trials for a coronavirus vaccine in United States right now. J&J and AstraZeneca bot are testing vaccines using adenoviruses, which typically cause harmless colds. The adenovirus takes the coronavirus gene into the human cells, which helps develop immunity.

Two other companies working on late stage trials are Moderna and Pfizer. These two companies are using a technology based on genetic material known as mRNA. Delivered into human cells, the mRNA prompts the production of coronavirus proteins, triggering an immune response.

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