Well-Defined And Full Lips Convey Attractiveness In Women

A new study was conducted to figure out the lip dimensions which are considered as being the most attractive in white women. The findings showed that lower lip thickness being twice that of upper lip is considered the most attractive.

These findings outline a practical approach in calculating the most attractive lip ratios used during plastic surgery operations. The data was collected in 2010 and analysed in 2016.

Aesthetic ratios of human lips and their impact on facial attractiveness are not clear but luckily these results would help aestheticians put together guidelines that will help improve aesthetic outcomes and improve patient satisfaction during cosmetic augmentation.

The ratios and lip proportions which were deemed sexy in this study may help plastic surgeons by providing a good starting point in enhancing the overall quality of facial aesthetics in the field of plastic surgery.

To judge the attractiveness of women’s lips, the scientists calculated lip dimensions of white women based on attractiveness ranking of ratio between upper and lower lips, dimensions of the lip surface area compared to the lower third of the face, and surface area of the lips.

The overall results showed that of the 100 faces that were ranked, an increase of close to 54% in the total surface area of lips with a linear dimension which equalled close to 10% of the lower face and an upper to lower lip ratio of 1:2 was deemed as being the most attractive.

In the first phase of the study, attractiveness of lips was judged by 150 participants over the internet. In the second phase, all 60 faces were judged by 428 individuals. In the first phase, digital images of 20 Caucasian women aged between 18 to 25 years old were used to create 5 varying surface areas of lips for each woman’s face.

This process produced 100 faces, all of which were judged by 150 participants. For each face, a summed ranking score was used to calculate attractiveness of each woman’s lips. The surface area from the most attractive faces was used to figure out the total lip surface area in relation to the lower one-third part of the face.

Lip augmentation has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially due to  social media trends being posted millions of times in a day on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Many celebrities have undergone surgical procedures to enhance their lips. Lisa Rinna injected her lips with silicone when she was 24. Other celebrities who similarly carried out lip enhancement surgeries are Ellie Goulding, Jessica Simpson,Kylie Jenner and allegedly Angelina Jolie.

Most of these procedures include soft alloplastic implants, structural fat grafting and temporary injectable dermal fillers. Even though most of these operations are relatively safe and cost-effective, the guidelines to dictate lip surgeries do not exist, and have to rely on the plastic surgeon’s intuition and skill, or the user’s preferences and taste.

According to previously collected data on fullness of lips, such as digital images/morphs, and photos, the appearance of lips had been assessed but no fundamental ratio of lips had been deemed ideal or most attractive.

Despite lack of data to figure out the ideal ratio, one thing is for certain, perfectly-formed, well-defined and fully sculpted lips are generally considered to be the most ideal in terms of attractiveness and youthfulness.

To judge these characteristics of the lips means comparing the total surface area of lips relative to the lower third of face, ratio of lower to upper lip, and most attractive surface area of lips of white women.

The study also suggested that attractiveness did not depend on volumes, quantities, angles or distances but on ratios. It also concluded that lips that protruded or retracted were not considered to be attractive.

The study once and for all showed that fuller lips were considered to be the most attractive, and even though it gave a good insight into how facial analysis works, the results do not mean a hard and fast rule for developing aesthetic augmentation guidelines.

Moreover, the study highlighted that when considering lip augmentation procedures, rest of the facial features should also be considered, and the surgery should be done according to proportions of the whole face.

Hence the scientists chose the face they considered to be most attractive based on changes in lip dimensions, and not just faces based on the lips that appeared to be most full.

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