WHO Investigation Team Finally Allowed Access by China

Finally the government of the People’s Republic of China has allowed the investigation team being sent by WHO to access Wuhan to research on the origin of Covid-19 virus. A group of scientists local to the country would accompany the WHO investigation team for this research operation.

The number of cases in the land of origin, Wuhan, and the Hebei province are on the rise since July. A drastic increase in the number of cases in the last few days has made the investigation inevitable.

Locally there have been 103 cases reported in one day on Sunday which is the largest daily increase observed since the last five months of the pandemic. Out of these, 85 infections were only contracted locally and 82 of these were from the Hebei province.

The province with the greatest number of cases is now put under lockdown once again, in an attempt to contain the virus and to prevent its spread from the nearby city, Bejieng.

There is a distance of almost 1150km between Wuhan and Bejieng. However, the province is along the line of the capital Bejieng. If the cases surge in the capital, it would definitely affect the work of the Chinese government to a great extent.

Hence, efforts are being made to stop the cases from spreading. The approach of the World Health Organization investigation team would be to provide assistance to this necessary measure which has made China approve the operation in Wuhan.

The Chinese government thus announces that they are ready to receive the expert team so that the origin of the novel coronavirus can be scrutinized, but this happened only after months of tense, yet successful negotiations.

The World Health Organization approached the Chinese health authorities a few months back. It was a surprise to the world when China resisted international pressure and stated that it does not feel the need of getting investigated in this case. China also accused Europe and the Western Countries that the first case of Covid-19 arose there, which was even before the case that was discovered in Wuhan.

Many countries simply assumed that China was making false statements in order to prevent the investigation by WHO. In the beginning of January, Chinese health authorities somewhat agreed and the two officials began to head towards China however they were not granted visas.

In this way the access was denied. China clarified that it was not resisting and will give access in a few days. During this dialogue being taken place between China and WHO, other countries blamed China for the pandemic.

If China had informed the world authorities about the novel coronavirus, appropriate measures could have stopped its spread already.

The international authorities say that the Chinese government has been trying to cover up its fault about the origin of the virus from Wuhan. This is why the access has been denied and the negotiations remained stressful.

China has now only granted permission to WHO on the condition that the investigation would be done in coordination with a team of scientists appointed by China.

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