ZIKA Can Enjoy Chain Reaction In Australia

Zika cases in Australia

Zika has no boundary as it has a vector that enjoys the easiest route, which is traveling Feb 2016, has seen Australia also being affected by Zika. Two victim in Queensland (North-eastern part of Australia) had been found Zika positive, after they returned from Zika hit areas- El Salvador (Level 2 Alert from May 2015)and Samoa (Alert 2 from Nov, 2015).

Queens land government has allocated A$ 400,000 to fight with Zika by boosting laboratory capacity. Queens Land state is on high alert for the people travelling from Pacific and Asian region.

The Zika testing will be starting from City of Townsville. Townsville had been a previous hit for Dengue during the last 10 years. Queensland is on a threat of Zika massive out break because of the presence of Aedes mosquito, Aedesaegypti, which had been a reason of Dengue in the past.

Cameron Dick, the Queensland health minister, has denied the presence of virus in the specific mosquito type. The people affected by Zika in Queens land have not travelled to any place which is considered as a Dengue mosquito home like, Northern Queensland. The chances of Zika virus spread to the mosquito are almost negligible. In 2015 Queensland had seen 3 and 2014 saw 7 cases of Zika.

The alarming situation for Queensland Health Department is on wheel due its history with the Dengue outbreaks on annual basis. During the last 10 years areas in Northern Queens Land like- Cairns, Mossman, Innisfail,Townsville,Torres Strait and Charter Towers– have been suffering from Dengue’s peril and people are already vigilant about their property not becoming a part of breeding home for the Mosquito.

Zika Cases In Australia

The Zika cases in Australia are not new. This week two cases had been registered in Sydney. The Pacific has Zika and Dengue in common but it is new for Brazil. So the travellers from the Pacific are also a under big threat.

For Australia Zika is the Tip of the Ice-berg: Mosquito Aedesaegypti is carrier of Arthropod-borne viruses like, Chikungunya, Dungue and Zika. SO the places which have already experiencing Dengue out break will be at a threat of Zika too because of the presence of a Vector. The mosquito is yet not infected with the Zika virus, claimed by the Health Minister of Queens land.

But the precautionary measures at an alarmed note is of prime importance otherwise, if once the Mosquito, start to turn into a vector in Northern Queensland then the chain reaction would be hard to handle. Zika is Public Health Emergency, of international concern (PHEIC) announced by WHO on 1st Feb, 2016.

The level -2 alert (Practiced Enhanced Precaution) has been escalated to Global emergency due to the multimodal transmission. The lack of definitive medicine, vaccine. For Australia the rampant availability of Mosquito Aedesaegypti can be a use of chain reaction in spread of Zika.