Don’t Make This Mistake When Looking At Your Child’s Weight

If you perceive your child as obese, he might actually end up gaining weight and becoming obese.

A recent study has shown that you can telepathically add additional calories to your child’s meal by considering them to be obese and fretting over it.

The poor child will actively try to lose weight but all their attempts will backfire.

Your child will actually eat more to meet your expectations of him.

A parent’s opinion of their child is very important in terms of building their self-confidence and image.

Come to think of it, all of us can remember all the good and the specifically the not –so-good opinions our parents had of us.

Same is the case with obesity.

According to the study,  stigma attached to being recognized and labeled as “overweight” may partly explain these findings. Our societies give undue value and importance to thinness and consider obesity to be a bane, “realizing that one is overweight is likely to be stressful and psychologically scarring,” the authors wrote in their paper.

Another psychologist explained that young children do not have the capacity to understand weight gain and lose.  “We now know that when you focus on the numbers, you’re virtually pushing a child in the same direction as teasing or bullying would,” Leslie Connor, PhD, a counseling psychologist in Wilmington, Delaware, told Health Magazine.

So how to ensure that your child stays healthy without bodyshaming them?

Don’t humiliate them and don’t make them conscious.

 “Most adults who have dieted have experienced the ups and downs of weight loss and weight gain,” Connor said, adding, “In the hands of children, who have less experience with dieting nor the understanding how the body works, it is easier for food restrictions to get extreme.”

Sit down and discuss healthy eating with your children. Teach them how to value their health and how they can maintain it by making the right choices.

Nobody said parenting was easy and during time like these, your child needs you the most.

When the entire world is against them, you have to support them.  Stay positive and help them bring positive changes in their lives as well.

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