50 Weird Sex Facts Researchers Unearthed In 2016

2016 is nearly over and it has been one of the most trembling year for a long time. Many people would say that it has been a terrible year. With the passing of Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, David Bowie and the popstar Prince, we have come to expect the worse.

New researches come and go. Some of them will leave you spell-bond, some will blow your mind and some will make you jump with happiness while some will leave you jumping with happiness, because in the end sex is sex, there is no other way to describe it.

Here is a list of all the sex findings our scientists and researchers unearthed in 2016.

  1. HIV-Positive Patients Can Now Have Sex Without Condom

Talking about condoms and HIV, it is now safe for HIV-positive patients to have sex without a nasty rubber in-between their legs, at least while they are taking their medicine. A study by University College London presented these findings and the scientists said that HIV patients who take antiretroviral therapy (ART) can have sex without a condom as the reduced viral load makes it safe for them to have unprotected sex. However, becoming pregnant is something you have to think about before having unprotected sex.

  1. Spirituality Is As Rewarding As Gambling And Sex

Turns out there is a region of the brain known as the ‘reward center’ which is turned on regardless of what is turning it on. That is why scientists from the University of Utah say spirituality and religiosity turns on the reward center in the same way as gambling, sex, drugs and shopping does.

In fact, another study from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health says that being religious can help you decrease any suicidal thoughts you have been having. Religion also makes you happier and is good for your general mental health.

  1. Women Are Attracted To Fertile Women

It is no secret that women are openly (or secretly) attracted to other women. However, it has come to recent light that it is especially fertile women other women are attracted towards.

Researchers from Chapman University, California concluded a study when they found that ovulation causes the armpits to release a scent which attracts other women towards them while women who are menstruating are not as attractive to other women as those who are fertile.

  1. Back Surgery Improves Sex Life

If you are experiencing back pain, it is never too late to go under the knife to reduce any injury or pain that has been bothering you in the back because it could be putting a strain on your sex life.

A research from the University of California reports that back pain surgery improves the sex life of patients when compared to non-surgical treatments to reduce back pain. Moreover, surgery can help you more adjusting back to a normal life as well as increasing comfort and well-being.

  1. The Rise of Sextortion

Everybody likes social media until something bad turns up. Everything seems to be going just fine with our friends, family and crushes on social media until something you have been trying to hide for ages is leaked about you.

Intimacy is not a bad thing, in fact, it is one of the most important aspects of human nature. But when it comes to social media, sexting is the worst you can do. A study by the University of New Hampshire raises the sex-related abuse due to social media.

Apparently, there is something called ‘sextortion’ – the threat of publishing sexual images of a person if they do not meet their irrational demands – and this has led to numerous teen suicides.

  1. All Women Are Either Gay Or Bisexual

This is something which will tinge men ever so slightly, and even more deep down. It was found in a study that women are either bisexual or homosexual but are never straight.

The researchers from University of Essex showed women clips of attractive women and also of men. Some women were turned on by the pictures of men, suggesting they were heterosexual, while others were not turned on by the slips, suggesting they were homosexual. In contrast, all women were turned on by the images of attractive women.

  1. No Sex For Heart Patients

Heart disease is no small issue. After all, the heart pumps blood and also bears the brunt when your crush crushes your heart time and time again. Add in some cholesterol secretly crawling up your veins into your heart and you have heart disease.

There is some bad news for heart patients. According to a study from the Duke University of Medicine, they cannot have sex, because…. Well, their hearts cannot take the rush of wildness it takes to have great sex. So they are at peril of functional problems when it comes to sex.

  1. Why Sex Education Is Important

Sex ed is important for young men and women so they know beforehand what happens when you put a banana in a donut. Couple that with the dangers of nasty germs transferred from this person to that person.

Many teenagers enter parenthood before their time and are unable to complete school let alone college. The pressure for teenage mothers is great, especially if the girl lives in poverty. In addition, their sons are also likely to face criminal charges and go to jail due to poor parenting on behalf of the mother.

  1. Do Men Think About Sex Every Second?

That is actually just seven seconds. No one thinks about sex more than men do because our manhood think as frequently as our brain does and this was found out that men think about sex more often than women.

But the twist of the turn comes by researchers from Ohio State University. According to their study, men think about sex 18 times a day while women think about food 15 times a day.

  1. How Sexual Desire Is Retained After Menopause

It is no secret that women experience a decrease in their sexual desire after menopause. Although the transition is slow, and their sexual desire is retained for some time after menopause, a new study by the North American Menopause Society sheds light on how long sexual functions are retained after menopause.

According to the study, sexual functions decrease an average of 0.35% until one year after last menstrual cycle and women who undergo hysterectomy experience decline right after their surgery and not before.

All in all, sexual functions start to decline not before 20 months since the last menstrual cycle.

  1. Men Skip Condoms With Attractive Women

If you are an attractive woman, chances are that you are more at risk of becoming pregnant than other women for the simple reason that men are more attracted to you and will have sex with you without a condom, so you have to be extra careful from now on.

A study carried out in University of Southampton in England points out that men would have unprotected sex with a woman if she was attractive even though there was a risk of her carrying an STI.

  1. Fitness Tests Should Adopt Sex-Specific Approach To Better Find Death Risks

When it comes to research, scientists have an odd habit of using the same study to define parameters for both sexes. This causes some unknown variable to remain hidden and when it comes to finding measuring the all-cause mortality for both men and women, exercise capacity is the most appropriate variable to take into consideration for both men and women studies.

A study by three institutes indicates that sex-specific risk calculation resulted in better statistical outcomes. In addition, clinical results also had improved validity.

That is why exercise testing is recommended to assess whether a patient is suffering from coronary heart disease (CAD) and to know if the person has a risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This can indicate the all-cause mortality risks for both men and women.

  1. Vaginal Ring Helps Prevent HIV And Enjoy Sex

The protection against HIV as well as the enjoyment of sex are two things that don’t mix up well – until now. A new study carried out by three different institutions has indicated that wearing dapivirine vaginal ring reduces the risk of HIV by 27%. Upon further investigation, it was found that the risks are reduced by 56%. An even further investigation revealed that the risks are reduced by an astounding 75% or even higher.

So keep HIV at bay and keep having fun in bed with a vaginal ring. It may prove to be better than a condom!

  1. Men Don’t Need Drugs To Be Strong in Sex-life

Although erectile dysfunction seems like a death sentence to men, it is not as scary as the world makes it to be. The simple reason, you can have wonderful sex without drugs by simply training your mind. This actually means that we do not consider the psychological aspects of sex and wrongfully blame it on our manhood.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that there is no need to buy unknown drugs if you are punctured with erectile dysfunction.

Instead, you should start eating fruits like grapes, apples, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and cherries. Eat these and they will help you pop that cherry all through the night. In addition, training and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to finish last.

  1. Your Sexual Life Needs A Cherry And A Strawberry Topping

Yes, strawberries, blueberries and cherries, in fact, all berries and cherries are good to get out of that dreaded erectile dysfunction. It is so because berries are full of flavonoids.

Flavanoids are plant based chemicals which are beneficial for health. Out of all flavonoids, anthocyanins, flavanones and flavones are three which are of the greatest benefit.

Scientists from the University of East Anglia have said that a diet rich in flavonoids decreases ED by 10% because it makes arteries more flexible and increases blood flow.

  1. Women Are Attracted To Men With High Testosterone

If you have a woman who loves you, chances are she is attracted to your scent as well. And when it comes to the natural body scent, the testosterone levels in your body determines if she is attracted to you or not.

In a study carried out by University College London in UK indicates that the sharp senses of women sniff out all major attributes they value in a relationship and these scents are generated by high levels of testosterone.

  1. Sadly, Your Sexual Desire Isn’t Strong And Independent

When it comes to sexual desires, there is no bigger desire of a man than to finish last, and also of a woman that a man finishes last. But that’s alright, good guys may not want to finish last in life but they like to finish last in bed.

Scientists from Ohio State University examined sexual desires in both men and women. When it comes to women, they found out that their sexual desires change in accordance with their hormonal changes throughout the month. Also, single women have a stronger sex drive than married women.

Meanwhile, when it comes to men, the only thing that matters to them is the levels of testosterone in their bodies. That and some more testosterone.

  1. Finasteride Is Not Causing Sexual Dysfunction

Men have one another fear in addition to sexual dysfunction, hair loss till the scalp looks like a shining door knob. And to prevent this, there is a medicine finasteride to stop baldness in its tracks.

However, men who have used finasteride reported to having sexual dysfunctions after discontinuing the drug. But a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has said that finasteride does not cause erectile dysfunction in bald men.

  1. Aripiprazole

The urge to have sex uncontrollably is what everyone thinks about in the deepest and darkest corners of their hearts. And now there is a medicine known as Aripiprazole which can do just that for you.

However, there are repercussions to this medicine as it also increases the urge to gamble, binge-eat and shop like it was the last day of all markets. Although Aripiprazole is an antipsychotic drug and is used for the treatments of mental disorders, the US Food and Drug Administration warns consumers about the impulse related problems associated with this drug.

  1. Sexual Behaviors In Children Are Harmful

Everyone engages in sexual behaviors, only adults that is, while children engaging in sexual behaviors is certainly a cause of concern. For inappropriate behavior can lead to very serious consequences, most notably suicide.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recently released its latest guidance on harmful sexual behaviors in children and adolescents. These behaviors include sexual and strong language, sexting, sharing sexual images and videos and viewing pornography.

  1. Porn Is Damaging Your Child’s Future Sex Life

And when it comes to sexual behaviors, there is nothing more damaging than pornography on your child’s future sexual life. Pornography eludes the image of natural sexual behaviors and provides an image of men, women and how they engage in a fantasized manner.

Although some people argue that porn is an expression of human sexuality and shouldn’t be repressed, others argue that it should be avoided at all costs. According to a UK survey, the reality is that porn has pressurized girls and young women to act in a certain manner most pleasing to men. This promotes a culture of repression and injustice.

  1. Sex Can Kill You

Sex can increase your chances of having more and more children but it can also kill you. Perhaps this is what happens when nature is tired of you producing like rabbits, so the best thing is to make babies in moderation.

Nevertheless, a team of researchers from Michigan State University has said that older men who enjoy sex have twice the risk of developing heart diseases and also dying from it in the next five years.

Moderation is the key, gentlemen, and also stay away from sex-enhancing drugs if you want to live longer.

  1. US Politician Caught Sexting

Not only are young people at danger when they sext but even adults who sext recklessly. And when it comes to adults sexting, no name is as notorious as Anthony Weiner, a US politician who was caught sexting to a young woman.

Another classical example of sexting gone wrong, Wiener was husband to vice president of Hillary’s presidential campaign, Huma Abedin and sent explicit photos to a woman multiple times over the past 19 months which complicates things as the woman had a boyfriend and two children.

  1. Doctor Escapes Sexual Assault Charges Due To “Magic Fingers”

If you are an expert at what you do, your expertise can keep you from sexual assault charges. Strange, isn’t it? Apparently, a British doctor is avoiding charges for having relations with one of his patients because he has magic fingers.

The London based ophthalmologist has made several trips to India and Mongolia and saved the sights of numerous children with eye disease. But he allegedly started an affair with one of his patients which lasted for 15 months. He eventually called off the relationship which ended in the relationship opening up.

  1. Sex Is Not The Same If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Sex is never the same if you don’t want a baby and have unprotected sex that results in pregnancy. Nor is it the same if you have psychological tensions and stresses, as it can make you infertile.

It is a known fact that stress and depression affects a woman more than it does a man. In a man, it may just lead to drinking but in a woman it leads to a change in their menstrual cycle and a disturbance in their hormonal balance.

A study from the University of California confirms our fears when it shows that sex takes on a different meaning for people trying to get pregnant. The study unveiled that for sexual enjoyment is severely affected when women are having difficulty conceiving.

  1. Millennials Are Not Having Sex

Sex has taken a whole lot new meaning in the 21st century – by simply not being there. Millennials are not having sex because they are ‘different’, they have ‘things to do’ and are also very choosy when it comes to their sexual partner.

Millennials are loners and perhaps are destined to be ‘forever lonely’. 440 million years of evolution and the human race is suddenly coming to a halt.

Scientists from the Florida Atlantic University have found that some millennials are not into sex even after they turn 18 years of age. There are reasons of this ‘dry spell’, one of them being due to modern sex education programs. Which doesn’t make sense because porn is available on each and every electronic device and does a better job at promoting sex than sex education is at controlling it.

  1. Swedes Not Interested In Sex

Swedish people do not like talking about sex, or thinking about sex, or having sex, in fact, they do not like sex and anything related to sex for that matter, so deal with it.

This “unsexiness” has caught the attention of the Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikstrom who has ordered an in-depth research to find out the reason for this.

Sweden is one of the few countries that has a stable economy, equality laws and a proper sex education program and this is why they have a low interest in sex.

  1. Have Sex Rather Than Heroin

The feelings a drug addict goes through is actually not an unfamiliar sensation at all. You feel that same sensation when you have sex. So there is no difference between having sex and doing heroin, apart from the fact that you look like a sick person with a needle sticking in your arm.

That’s right. A study in the Journal of Neuroscience states that the brain activity of a person having sex and using heroin appears to be the same. As the pleasure system in the brain does not differentiate between drugs and sex, and gambling and shopping for that matter, it’s best to do what common sense says once in a while instead of listening to the brain.

  1. Beware Of Sexual Enhancement Supplements

Sex is good but the best sex is without sexual enhancement supplements. Not because they can make you last longer in bed, but because they have certain side effects which goes unnoticed during that blissful night.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found three fake sexual enhancement supplements – Master Zone 1500, Love4Long and One More Knight 1750 – which pose serious health risks. They found that these drugs can be especially harmful for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

This wide availability of fake sexual enhancement supplements seems to be everywhere. The FDA again caught some sex enhancement drugs that proved to be fake. This time, 11 drugs showed that they were not “all natural”.

The health risks again were high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and heart disease, as they easily reacted with other drugs containing nitrates.

In other circumstances, ‘Neophase’ a “natural” sex enhancer came out to be a fraud. Neophase contains the same ingredient as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, nothing new here, but it also contains Hydroxyacetildenafil, which interacts with certain chemicals found in prescription drugs and causes hypertension and heart diseases.

No surprises here, the conclusion seems to be that sexual enhancement supplements are more dangerous to risk taking for one night stands. Although there are drugs that could very well enhance sexual performance, research has again pointed out that testosterone supplements don’t work as well as marketed for men.

The study was carried out by Georgetown University Medical Center and concluded on the facts that testosterone supplements do not show any evidence for heart health, sexual function and cognition.

However, the testosterone supplements were ineffective at treating erectile dysfunction and had no effect on sexual drive. Testosterone did improve muscle strength but did not show any overall improvement on physical function.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction To Become A Non-Issue

If you are so worried about erectile dysfunction, remember what a philosopher once said, “Worry is to human beings what a condom is to a man with erectile dysfunction”. This quote can be taken in several senses. We choose to believe that, if there are no worries, there is no erectile dysfunction.

In an article in Evidence Based Nursing, two major issues were reported for erectile dysfunction in men; a sense of loneliness and feelings of loss.

Scientists have discovered that statins, used to lower blood cholesterol levels, can also help people with attaining and maintaining erections. Using the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction Questionnaire, they found a drop of roughly 5 points in the severity of erectile dysfunction due to statins.

  1. Zika Is Spread Through Sexual Contact

Zika remains one of the most deadly diseases known to humankind. Although how and when the spread of Zika happened remains debatable, one thing scientists have found out for sure is that Zika is spread through sexual contact.

Although Zika is spread through mosquitos, The Dallas County Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have reason to believe that Zika spread when a traveler with high risk of Zika had sexual encounters with a native person.

  1. You Burn Quite A Lot Of Calories During Sex

Exercise is no longer the only thing that burns calories. Engaging in sex kills that fat too. A new study by scientists from the Nutrition and Obesity Research Center indicates that you burn a mere 21 calories during sex.

But that is 21 calories in six minutes. Do you know what nearly 20 minutes of passionate sex could do to you? It could burn some 80 calories.

  1. Sex Determination Making A Comeback In India

Sex determination testing has made a comeback in India as the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has been lifted a ban on prenatal sex testing. So will women be able to undergo sex determination testing? The answer is not so simple.

IMA Secretary General KK Aggarwal commented on the issue, “[While] there is no formal proposal being considered by the ministry on this issue at this stage, this is a suggestion that needs to be debated.”

  1. Why Does Sex Feel So Good?

Small gestures and touches from your partner can have amazing effects on you. The gesture may be a simple touch of their fingertips on your arm or hand, but it sends electric signals all through your body and you relive the moment again and again. And when it comes to sex, your whole body indulges itself to the sensations.

According to a study by Weinberg College, the reason these sensations are so “sensational” is that during sex, our whole body forgets everything else and concentrates on orgasms and feeling good, and this sends the brain into “an altered state of consciousness” as quoted by one of the researchers of the study and this concentration enhances brain activity and increases neural connection.

  1. Child Pornography Busted Big Time.

Child pornography weighs heavily on the minds of the children abused and sexually assaulted and perhaps more so on the parents who wonder what the future holds for the mentally scared children.

But fear not, because numerous child pornographers have been caught by the Toronto Police Service Child Exploitation service in an international investigation.

The investigation, called Project Spade was launched when undercover police officers caught a child sex abuse offender in Toronto who had explicit photos of children.

Now the police department has successfully caught more than 358 adults and 400 children have been rescued.

  1. Stress Is Your Worst Enemy If You Are Trying To Become Pregnant

Stress is your worst enemy and this is acknowledged by everyone. It causes a slow deterioration of your body and in less time than you think, you are among the old and the weak.

Another thing, stress does is prevent you from having a baby. A new research carried out from the University of Louisville in the US shows that high levels of stress for an ovulating woman decreases her chances of becoming pregnant by 40 percent. In addition, women who become pregnant are also more likely to be stressful at the end of the first month.

  1. Now Women Also Cheat As Much As Men Do

Although nowadays cheating has become a lot more common than it was a few decades ago, women also cheat as much as men do today. A recent study shows that both men and women are giving an equal space for cheating each other.

The study was carried out by scientists from Indiana University which highlights the fact that both sexes have an equal inclination towards extramarital affairs and the primary reason being that women are more resourceful nowadays, both socially and financially. In addition, they are demanding a lot from their partner and move on to find the perfect partner in case their current partner fails to do so.

  1. Average Time It Takes For A Man To Orgasm

The male species is notorious for going for an orgasm more quickly than a woman and are more adept to finish up the job quickly because the purpose of sex has been fulfilled – transferring the cells for babies.

The average time it takes for a man to orgasm is just a mere two to three minutes. And when it comes to masturbation, men again take just two minutes while women take four minutes to orgasm. When it comes to setting up the mood, men again take two to three minutes to finish off while a woman generally takes about ten to twenty minutes to reach climax with vaginal sex.

  1. Boys Prefer Toy Balls Over Dolls When Growing Up

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. Boys will prefer toy balls and firetrucks as their prime choice of toys while growing up and girls will prefer dolls and cooking pots to play with. Seems like manliness and womanliness begins at an early age.

According to a research carried out by University College London boys play with male type toys, like a car, for longer than with female-typed toys and, conversely, girls play with female type toys, like dolls and cooking pot, for longer than with male-typed toys.

  1. The Fruit Peach Has Been Turned Into A Emoji For Sexting

A peach is one of the sweetest fruits out there and has a lot of disease fighting abilities – even more than sexting youngsters know. Sadly, Apple designers (the technological company, not an organic fruit) have changed the view of one of their emoji in such a way that it looks like a booty shining under the sun.

This is not the first time one fruit has tried to defame the other fruit but this time it is being done so for unhealthy reasons. First off, a peach is filled with bioactive compounds which are everything you need to fight obesity and inflammation. It is also a healthy source of the antioxidant vitamin C and is high in fiber.

Secondly, it promotes sexting. Something which needs to stop as the ending of a series of sexting has often led to teens committing suicide.

  1. Does Size Matter To Women?

When it comes to sex, men and women alike feel that a bigger penis is a better one, although this false perception has been set by porn and lower sexual activity due to being drunk.

A survey carried out in UK points out that women astoundingly think the ideal penis is 15 cm while men think it is little above 16 cm. However, a study revealed that the average size of a hard penis is 14 cm long and 0.3 cm wide. Sorry folks! That’s all you will get from a natural man!

  1. Alcohol Kills Your Sex Drive

Alcohol is widely known as not being an aphrodisiac. It kills your consciousness and also your libido for both men and women.

That is why a drunk man is said to have a “whiskey penis”. You can consider a whiskey penis like that friend who is so drowsy that no amount of nudging and coercing will wake them up. In this case, your penis being your friend, and in fact, the best one you have.

  1. Semen Has Antidepressant Qualities

Sex makes us feel good and satisfied. It also leads to closer bonding and makes you feel elevated. Although bonding with someone makes us happy, there is another reason which sex makes us happy which is that semen contains antidepressant properties.

Apart from sperm cells, semen contains endorphins, prolactin, oxytocin, serotonin and thyrotropin-releasing hormone in addition to two female sex hormones and as vaginal tissues are highly absorptive, they readily absorb up these “antidepressants” to give us that euphoric feeling that we desperately require.

  1. 75% Of Americans Have STDs

In the age of Tinder and OkCupid, it is common to find a sexual partner right around the corner. In addition, it is equally as common to get infected with Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

And now a new report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) points out that 75% of Americans aged 15 to 24 years have chlamydia and gonorrhea and 90% of heterosexual and homosexual men have syphilis.

  1. Alcohol Can Lead To STDs In Gay Men

STDs are more commonly transferred between people if they are homosexual. Now a cross-sectional study by Chinese researchers points out that alcohol abuse was linked with increased sexual and HIV/syphilis risks among Chinese gay men, emphasizing the need for implementing alcohol risk reduction programs in this population.

The researchers found that binge drinkers compared to non-binge drinkers had a higher risk of using illicit drugs, drinking alcohol before indulging in sex, having multiple sexual partnerships and have condom-less penetrative anal intercourse and all of this led to them having more STDs.

  1. Light Can Help Men With A Decreased Libido

Erectile dysfunction and a decreased libido is something no man wants to feel, however in case you have a decreased libido, there is a way out. A new study by Italian researchers suggests that men who are sexually deprived can get at least half hour of light each day to increase testosterone levels, libido and sexual satisfaction.

This is known as light therapy and is not relatively new. People have been using it to treat seasonal depression. However, now it can treat decreased libido.

  1. The Destiny Of A Blonde

Being blond makes people assume you carry a few stereotypical behaviors. One of them being you get hit on a lot by women, the other being that perhaps you are dumb.

However, this is not true. A professor from University of British Columbia writes that they discovered 48 percent of female executives In the 500 companies they followed, turned out be blond.

In addition, blondes are kinder and gentler, less threatening and their blond hair makes them appear young. They also have a higher IQ level and are less likely to have a low IQ.

  1. Beard Increases Your Sex Appeal

A beard is more synonymous with a man than with a woman, due to obvious reasons. A recent study from the University of Queensland points out that growing a beard increases men’s sex appeal.

The results of the study showed that women view men with stubble as more attractive for short-term hookups than men with full beards. Also, men with more feminine faces are seen as less attractive and extremely feminine-looking faces were judged to be least attractive.

  1. Sexually Transmitted Infections Rates Rising In Canada

In a press conference the local authorities have told the public that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have reached a record high in Alberta, Canada with an 80 percent increase in 2015.

The scientists explained that the quick rise of STI levels is linked to the use of social media. They said that STIs are hard to record but because Alberta has a good surveillance system, it makes the province first to report their cases but the number of cases is increasing everywhere in the country and internationally.

  1. Foods That Can Help Or Hurt Your Sex Drive

There are some foods which if you choose to eat, will give your sex drive a boost and will make you have a wonderful time. They are chocolate; in its bitter and darkest form, chili peppers; red, hot and those that burn your tongue and nuts; all kinds will do from pistachios, almonds and peanuts.

However, there are some foods that will kill your sex drive if you happen to eat or drink them. They are sodas; especially diet soda, alcohol; especially beer and all beans, milk and yogurt that contain soy.

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