Elders Who Don’t Ignore Sex Are Much Happier

Who doesn’t love sex? If you’re an older person that does not mean that your age should stop you. A latest study by Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Manchester has found that elders do not think about sex as an afterthought, and the same attitude should be adopted by doctors everywhere.

The scientists collected data from 7,000 individuals over the age of 50. Ladies over the age of 80 have the same sexual preferences as their male partners, feel more emotional attachment but feel less bound to have sex than their younger companions. . Men over the age of 80 felt the same way about being emotionally closer, but differed as they felt more bound to have sex than couples between 50 and 79. So what does this tell you about prevalence of sex in elders?

Well one thing is for certain, if you have difficulty walking, standing or eating, you should not be deterred in expressing your love physically.

One important thing to remember while having sex at an older age is that sex should not be at one’s own comfort and well-being, as the study showed that frequent sex decreased emotional fulfillment.

So what can be done to make it comfortable for elders to have sex. Well for one thing just light exercise such as brisk walks, light stretches and kegel exercises, and healthy food such as nuts, seeds and veggies.

Who said sex should be complicated. If you think sex during teens and adulthood is complicated just wait to get old.. Hopefully these tips will make sex more enjoyable and elders will no longer be left behind.

The study showed that older people who engaged in petting, kissing and fondling were much happier than those who didn’t.

So put down your walking stick and get going. It will do both of you good.

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