Intelligent Women Turn Men Off

I doubt there could be a more patriarchal, anti-feminism title than this. Unfortunately, it is quite true.

According to a new research conducted by scientists at Warsaw School of Economics, men are less sexually attracted to women smarter than they are.

Ahh men… this is just embarrassing, on so many levels.

Women, however, found both intelligence and looks attractive in men.

The researchers based these results after observing 4,000 speed dates where 560 people, all from Columbia University, were given four minutes to get to know each otehr, after which individuals had to rate their dates based on intelligence and attractiveness.

Men found intelligence funny but only to some extent after which they felt intimidated and turned off. Luckily women weren’t as cruel. Even someone slightly above average in terms of brain was entertained by women.

The adage  “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” has never been this true.

Several studies have shown that women have higher emotional intelligence than men, despite having similar IQs.

Emotional intelligence makes women smarter at doing their jobs. Top performers in offices have a higher EQ, which means women know how to use their emotions to their advantage.

Think of someone like George Clooney whose wife is a human right’s lawyer and has beauty as well as brains. But this is an exception, and not the rule. Women who are smarter HAVE to be better looking for men to even consider them.

According to Pauline Brown, a Glasgow-based counselor, “‘A clever woman may make a man feel insecure; he might question whether he can keep her interested because intelligence implies broad horizons, high expectations and a natural curiosity.”

Women find intelligence sexy because they feel smarter men are better bread winners, will become better fathers and perceive them as being emotionally stable.

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