The Number Of Times Women Think About Sex Every Day Will Shock You

Men, who have always been ashamed to admit that they think of sex all day be it while eating a sandwich or driving or watching a movie, you have some heavy competition from the ladies.

According to a recent study women thing about the dirty deed, the ol’ hump de bump, 18 times a day on average.

This conclusion comes as While the number was quite high, in fact much more substantial than previously thought, it was nowhere near the number of times men thought about sex in a day, which was 34, almost twice of that of the ladies.

34 times a day is still not bad, but it’s not as much as I or many of my fellow males would have hoped, as popular culture says the number is once every 7 seconds. In fact the number equates to twice in an hour.

Not only do men think about sex more often than women, they also think about the other two “pillars”, sleep and food, more often than women, 29 times and 25 times during a day, respectively.

Why Women Don’t Want Sex As Much As Men

Women are complex creatures, who are much more emotionally driven than men, they want love and compassion, companionship and attention, and might feel that they are being judged if they ask for too much.

Despite having a lower sex drive than men, generally speaking of course, women still want sex and this study confirms it.

Guys competition is good, let the women live their own fantasies and erotic nightmares, lets kindly get rid of the schism, shall we.

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