Sperm Cells Can Now Be Grown In A Dish

Men of the world, the end is near.

Women are going to break free of any and every dependency that they ever had on men. Very soon, they are going to be able to reproduce without any sperms from you.

Yes, women no longer need sperms from men to procreate.

A bunch of Chinese scientists (who may as well be women themselves) have created artificial mouse sperm cells from embryonic stem cells.

Is it time for men to pack their bags and head to where they originally came from – Mars?

In a scientific breakthrough, researchers have not only successfully shaped the stem cells into spermatic cells but ones that actually work, i.e., fertilize the egg and develop into a baby.

This is huge because for years scientists could manipulate stem cells to form into virtually any conceivable cell type (pun intended), including sperm cells but they failed to make the “little swimmers” work.

But now, for the first time ever, the sperm cells they created artificially out of stem cells managed to fertilize an egg and create healthy, fertile mice pups.

The scientists extracted the embryonic cells from the epiblast, an outer layer of embryo.

One previous study did manage to create mouse offspring but they had suffered from growth abnormalities which was probably due to improper transferal of genes during meiosis stage, the process by which reproductive cells are created.

The scientists had so much control on their experiments that they could keep a watchful eye at each stage of cell division, which made the outcome even more favorable.

The journey, however, was not easy for them. The first hurdle was to create a suitable environment for the sperm cells to grow. In order to do this, they combined the cell culture with cytokines and testosterone to make it resemble the environment of mice testes, which helped them reproduce and undergo meiosis.

The sperm cells were similar in function to normal human sperm cells, except they didn’t have tails so the scientists had to transfer them to the egg in order to create life.

This discovery holds a lot of value in helping infertile men but its efficacy in humans will take years of research.

But between you and me, the real motive behind this study is to take feminism to a whole new level.

Congratulation women, you win this one!

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