Dietary Habits Impact On Cystic Acne

The effects of diet on a person’s inclination to develop acne remain a controversial one.

Some studies suggest that diet does impact a person’s likelihood to develop acne, other studies show that there is no association between the two. A 2007 recommendation paper published by American Academy of Dermatology found no association between certain food groups and acne. While recent studies have shown that there is indeed a close link between diet and acne.

Impact Of Nutrients On Cystic Acne

As far as nutrients are concerned, the jury is still out. Some of the nutrients considered important as far as acne onset is concerned are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Fatty acids

Vitamin A plays a major role in maintaining skin health. Vitamin A deficiency has been shown to cause dry skin, weak fingernails and even dry hair. Vitamin A has also been shown to manage excess oil secretion.

Moreover, numerous studies have revealed that a lack of certain essential fatty acids is related to a variety of skin problems. Hence dry, itchy, scaly skin is a common symptom of fatty acid deficiency.

A carbohydrate rich diet is also known to exacerbate acne symptoms but there aren’t many studies to prove this long-held belief.

If there is doubt whether certain nutrients cause acne, one thing is for sure absence of certain nutrients can worsen the condition. Therefore, doctors, from time to time advise patients to change their diets as a last measure, if everything else seems to fail.


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