9 Best Foods For Varicose Veins Treatment

L0061515 Varicose veins along the right side of the trunk of a man Credit: St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives & Museum, Wellcome Images. Wellcome Images images@wellcome.ac.uk http://wellcomeimages.org Watercolour drawing showing tortuous and dilated veins running along the right side of the trunk of a man aged 35 years. The condition resulted from obstruction of the vena cava superior. 13 Jul 1896 By: Mark, Leonard PortalSt Bartholomew's Hospital Archives & Museum Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

One day after getting the 4th straight kill in CS:GO, Jack got up to refill his energy by a can of soda. But today was different from any other day. He was having difficulty in getting up. It had been few days since he was experiencing pain in his legs. When he had told his parents, they patted on his back and told him. “You’ll be fine, it’s just exhaustion”. But he was not fine and as for his legs; the pain was getting worse. As days turned into nights, there was no way he could sleep with the condition his legs were in.

As pulled up his trouser there he saw them, the problem that had made life unbearable for him. They were all stunned to see abnormally thick, swollen or twisted veins formed on his body which appeared either blue or purple.

When they took him to the hospital, they physician informed them that he was suffering from Varicose veins, which is a vascular disease and the  cringeworthy dilating portion they were seeing, is termed as varicosities.

What is Varicose Veins?

The doctor then told them that the human body is a complex self-sustaining system but sometimes with the passage time a few mechanisms suffer damage and lead to the manifestation of anomalies. One such process is the blood flow mechanism, in which a tiny structure known as ‘valves’ present in veins ensure the integrity of the blood flows system. Valves are responsible for making sure blood flows properly and discretely to its destination inside the veins.

When ‘Valvular Competence’ weakens or is damaged, the blood flow is blocked. Since the valves do not close they do not allow blood to flow out of the vein and the blood collects in them over time, leading to the formation of ‘Varicose’ meaning abnormally dilated veins. As one would imagine, this all went over Jack’s head; maybe if he had given more to his health and education, and less to the wealth of the creators of CS:GO; he wouldn’t have sitting there and listening to the physician’s gibberish.

The doctor continued his harangue on Varicose veins and Jack had no other option but to listen, the last thing he was wanted right now was something that would make his blood dilate out of his veins. But he had to realize that it was all for his own sake, so he started listening back.

The Physician told him that varicose veins usually develop in the lower parts of the body, especially in legs. Varicose veins can prove to quite an inconvenience not just because of its unsightly appearance but also due to the pain and discomfort a person suffers from the dilated veins.

About 3 out 10 Americans i.e. 60% of the population is at risk of developing varicose veins in their life at one time or another, especially pregnant women. Types of varicose veins include trunk varicose veins, reticular varicose veins and telangiectasia varicose veins (spider veins).

Varicose Veins Treatment Methods 

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Varicose veins are usually treated with complex, expensive and painful therapies; however, what people don’t know is that varicose veins can be prevented through good nutrition. Even after varicose veins have developed one can slow their progression or heal the twisted veins with the help of nutritional intervention. Varicose veins can even be completely cured by following a long-term nutritional strategy.

Jack had never before felt this much educated, he wanted to take off one of the degrees that were hanging behind the Physician and celebrate his convocation. But sadly, his legs couldn’t allow him to and he felt hungry too.

So you know what the Physician did? He brought diet! Well, FANTASTIC. If he had a bucket list of “The Last Things I Wanted To Happen” then that was in for completion today.

Jack found out options and a healthy diet rich in specific dietary nutrients which can ensure the vascular system functions properly, thereby reducing the risk of developing varicose veins, was one of them. If you think about this nutrition based approach for a minute you will realize all a person with a painful condition has to do is adopt a specifically healthy diet and they can eat their way to curing themselves. Let us review all the foods, food groups, tips and dietary supplements which have shown positive results in preventing or counteracting varicose veins.

Dietary Tips For Varicose Veins Treatment

Genetics, weight, obesity, and pregnancy increase chances of developing varicose veins, however, appropriate nutrition can be the solution which reduces the risk factors. Certain eating habits and dietary patterns can prove to be instrumental in combating the condition and some of them are:

(Before continuing we would like to point out that we realize that you might be wondering how long this session was for? To answer this question in understandable words: Don’t wonder! Continue reading!)

Avoid Processed Foods

Avoiding certain processed foods can also help to sustain healthy varicose free veins. For instance, the component Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a chemical derivative of estrogen, has been found to increase chances of getting spider veins. So replace canned and packaged food with more fresh produce especially functional foods which work towards the eradication of varicose veins.

Consume More Insoluble Fibers

The best nutrition-based recommendation for preventing varicose veins is consuming lots and lots of ‘Fiber’. Veins are damaged when pressure is exerted on them. Fiber consumption ensures that veins do not develop any hemorrhoids which damage the veins and the tiny valves. The second best recommendation is consuming functional foods which are naturally inclined to promote and maintain vessel health. But there are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fibers form a gel inside the intestines, while insoluble fibers remain intact and do not dissolve in water while passing through the intestines. At the same time, insoluble fibers prevent constipation, which is known to exert pressure on the veins and in the long term is implicated in the development of varicose veins.

Consume More Bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids are a class of phytochemicals naturally present in some plants which are considered food groups. Bioflavonoids are responsible for imparting fruits and vegetables with their colors and are considered to have antioxidant properties. Long-term intake of these nutritive components has been linked with improved blood pressure along with reducing inflammation with has an overall effect on the vascular health. Bioflavonoids work by reinforcing and strengthening vessel walls and avoid free radical damage inside the capillaries.

Curb Dietary Calories

More calories in the diet can lead to excessive body weight and even obesity, which in turn damages vessels. Consuming fewer quantities of dietary calories lowers chances of gaining weight and developing varicose veins. The calorie deficit can also promote weight loss which can improve the integrity of veins and improve blood flow system, thereby healing varicose veins.

Eat More Nutrients Rich Foods To Treat Varicose Veins

Essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals consumed through the diet can promote the synthesis of a protein called collagen, which is used to make the connective tissues in the blood vessel walls. Continued production of collagen also maintains the tissue tone and strength inside the capillaries, along with improving the blood circulation.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is another invaluable strategy to nourish yourself and avoiding varicose veins at the same time. Keeping oneself hydrated is very important since it is crucial for the normal homeostasis of the body, which in turn affects the vascular blood flow. Limiting the consumption of other drinks which have a dehydrating effect on the body is another way to ensure one doesn’t support twisted and misshapen veins. Such drinks include alcohol, soda, coffee, tea etc.

Varicose Veins Treatment With Functional Foods

Some functional foods have the power to completely eliminate varicose veins. Even if a person has developed varicose veins they can still fight the condition with a diet aimed at counteracting the condition. The only remaining question left is what are the best and specific foods for varicose veins prevention and healing?

  • Tomatoes Found To Contain Nutrient Which Prevents Varicose Veins

Tomatoes are considered one of the best foods when it comes to fighting varicose veins. Tomatoes are naturally enriched with nutrients such as ‘Lycopene’ and the bioflavonoid ‘Anthocyanin’ which promote vascular health. Research has shown lycopene has healing and antioxidant activities and its consumption through the diet can protect the valves against oxidative damage. Lycopene also has a low pH value and it’s slightly acidic nature acts as an anticoagulant, thereby, preventing the clogging and swelling in the vessel walls. On the other hand, as is expected, Anthocyanin has shown a positive association with the overall strength and integrity of the vessel walls.

  • Buckwheat Might Eat The Varicose Away

‘Rutin’ is a bioflavonoid which lessens the susceptibility and permeability of capillaries towards oxidative damage and is found to be abundantly and naturally concentrated in buckwheat. Ruitn has also exhibited anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and vasoprotective properties which makes it an excellent dietary choice for curing varicose veins.  Some studies have even hypothesized the deficiency of rutin is a precursor of spider veins. Buckwheat is also recommended as a dietary cure for people with varicose veins due to its low caloric and high protein content. The proteins present in buckwheat have been found to contain all 8 essential amino acids which aid in tissue repair.

  • Berries To Bury The Varicose Veins

Berries are another food group which has shown generally favorable results in scientific studies when it comes to combating varicose veins. There are several types of berries e.g. blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries etc. and almost all of them are enriched with bioflavonoids which have shown excellent antioxidant activity.

Berries are especially known to be highly concentrated with the phytochemical ‘Anthocyanin’ which is also responsible for the rich color of these fruits. Furthermore, the high levels of Anthocyanin in this food groups makes them a prime candidate for varicose veins eradication, since the phytochemical is scientifically proven to neutralizes vessel damaging free radical enzymes, promote connective tissue health, strengthen vessel walls, improve the collagen matrix of veins and repair damaged proteins in the vessel wall. In the same way, blueberries are specifically recommended for consumption by people suffering from varicose veins due to its high levels of fiber in addition to bioflavonoids.

  • Let’s ‘Beet’ Varicose Veins

Beets are considered to be essential for the treatment of varicose veins as they contain the phytonutrient called ‘Betacyanin’ which gives beets its dark color. Betacyanin is known to reduce levels of the vessel damaging amino acid ‘Homocysteine’. Beet juice particularly contains dietary nitrates which convert into nitrites in the blood stream and then it is further converted into Nitric Oxide (NO) by the cells lining the blood vessels. NO is powerful dilator of blood vessels and considerably lowers blood pressure, within a few hours of beet juice consumption.

  • If You Can’t Beet Em’ Ginger Em’

Varicose veins treatment by eating ginger has been documented in herbal medicine since ancient times. In today’s age scientific analysis has found ginger contains compounds which break down the clotting protein called ‘Fibrin’. Fibrin can attach to blood vessels following injury and initiates the process of clotting which leads to swelling and subsequent damage of valves, resulting in varicose veins.

Recently it was found ginger contains a novel bioactive compound named “Amadannulen” which exhibits excellent radical scavenging activity and it is possible the overall action of such unknown compounds in ginger dissolve the Fibrin present in blood vessels and counter its negative effects. Ginger consumption is also linked to improving blood pressure levels, since it regulates insulin production.

  • Treat Varicose Veins: Don’t worry! Avoca’do

Avocado is a superfood, brimming with bioactive compounds which stop varicose veins manifestation. For example, the fruit contains the highest concentrations of a tri-peptide compound called Glutathione, which protects tissues of the entire circulatory system e.g. heart, veins, arteries etc. Likewise, avocado is naturally enriched with bioflavonoids such as ‘Lutein’ and ‘Zeaxanthin’ which have a natural inclination of healing vessel walls. That’s not all; the presence of vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin E which work towards improving vascular health, further enhances the varicose veins averting capability of avocados.

  • When Life Gives Lemons, Treat Varicose Veins

People at risk of or already with varicose veins should introduce lemons in their diet. Lemons not only contain the bioflavonoid citrus also known as Vitamin P, which contains the bioactive compound ‘Quercetin’ but it is also a very rich source of vitamin C. The bioflavonoids and Vitamin C both play a synergistic role with each other i.e. improve each other’s therapeutic action  which is the improvement and strengthening of capillary walls. Lemons also contain the powerful bioflavonoids called ‘Diosmin’ and ‘Hesperidin’, both of which are extracted from plant sources as supplement for the treatment of venous diseases. The green Meyer lemons contain the highest levels of diosmin, while Hesperidin is naturally rich in all citrus fruits.  Both of these bioflavonoids work together as vaso-protectors and have shown positive results in various clinical trials on treatment of varicose veins and even hemorrhoids.

  • How To Cure Varicose Veins With Green Vegetables

Green vegetable such as asparagus, broccoli, spinach and kiwis are also considered to be excellent food choices for people at risk of or already suffering from varicose veins. Such vegetables are also naturally filled with vitamin E, which has antioxidant activity which enhances blood circulation and properly controls hormonal changes which keep capillary walls strong. Vitamin E also amplifies the synthesis of the lipoprotein HDL which lowers cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

  • Rose’mary For Your Varicose Veins Treatment 

The herb rosemary is a botanical component believed to counteract varicose veins. Rosemary extracts are believed to relieve the swelling in the affected veins and improve the appearance of the twisted veins. Rosemary consumption in diet is also found to be beneficial for relief against varicose veins; since it contains the bioactive compounds e.g. ‘Rosmarinic acid’ and Ursolic acid’ which are polyphenols in nature and have shown high radical scavenging activity.

Varicose Veins Treatment With Herbs

Other botanical herbs, which are often overlooked but are proven to be a safe and effective therapy for varicose veins, include:

  • Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola)
  • Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut)
  • Ruscus Aculeatus (Butcher’s Broom)
  • Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel)

These herbs increase microcirculation and capillary flow and enhance vascular tone at the same time. The use of these herbs for the treatment of varicose veins can prove to be the effective and inexpensive cure to the venous disease.

The physician took a pause, and to Jack’s surprise it was finally over. He had heard everything he didn’t want to and now he was sure that he will be able to cure these varicose veins. He noted all the precautions and promised to take good care of himself so that he doesn’t have to go through information session 2.0.

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