The cops work really hard to keep the community safe and their duty is not that easy. However, sadly, their hard work is not recognized in a way it should be. They are ordinary people who are risking their lives to keep others safe and thats makes their duty is a noble deed. Whenever we get the opportunity we should always appreciate and thanks them.

A restaurant did something to make some officers feel important. The four officers went to Outback in Slidell, Louisiana to have food. They all were the regular customers of the restaurant and always treated the people working there with respect. This time their kindness came back to them through a very thoughtful gesture from two of the employees of the restaurant.

When they had their meal, the bill check arrived, the total amount of the bill was zero and it was paid by the waitress and the manager of the restaurant. There was a note on a check saying “Be safe! Thank y’all for y’all’s service. Enjoy y’alls meal on us!”- Arlene and Zoë.


Image Source: Slidell police dept.

The police department of Slidell was touched by this beautiful kind act and they thanked the employees of the restaurant.



Image Source: Slidell police dept.