7 Body Parts Grown In The Scientific Labs  

Perhaps one day we will no longer mourn over broken hearts, lost kidneys and damaged lungs. Perhaps one day it will be natural to walk up to your doctor’s clinic and get a surgery to replace your lost organs and limbs.

Replacing lost limbs and organs is what nature does efficiently although not what humans can do (except superheroes, obviously). In case of a lost or decayed organ, it calls for organ donors which are few and far between because simply, no one wants to part ways with their organs, even when faced with death.

But scientists have made this easy for us. In the near future, there will be no hassle to look for a donor and no complications after surgeries because the organs will be grown from our own body cells, so the new organ will compliment us just like the lost organ.


That future is not far because recently, 7 body parts have been grown in the lab


  1. A Brain

Now who doesn’t want an extra brain, especially all those old people losing life due to dementia? Scientists from the Ohio State University have been able to grow a pea-sized brain, currently just like the brain of a 5 week old human fetus. But don’t worry, this is a great achievement as it has all the functioning parts of a brain.




  1. A Kidney

Donor kidneys are so “expensive” that young people are selling them off to buy iPads and iPhones. Australian scientists have finally grown a kidney in a lab, so now we will be able to exchange kidneys for iPads and iPhones in a proper way. The kidney they grew has the necessary ‘nephrons’, which filter blood, and it followed normal kidney development.




  1. A Lung

Here is some good news for smokers and vapers! Ways to grow new lungs are on the way, so no fuss and no muss when it comes to smoking your lungs out! But unfortunately, the lungs developed in a lab in University of Michigan Medical School survived for only a bit more than 100 days, so that new lung you want will probably expire before you know it. Take care of your original lungs while you can.




  1. A Vagina

Men and women alike will be thrilled by this news. Scientists finally grew a vagina in a lab in Mexico. If by any chance, you are unfortunate not to have a vagina like the four girls that went transplantation surgery for a vagina, then you don’t have to worry. A new one can be found easily. Perhaps all women who aren’t able to reach an orgasm may now be able to achieve their goals with a new vagina.


  1. A Penis

Again this is calls for some celebration. Wake Forest University scientists have been able to grow a penis on male rabbits with which they made love to their spouses in a very natural and common way. Although at this moment this option is available for rabbits only, it could one day return the pride of men who lost their manhood in accidents and injuries.




  1. An Ear

Ears are the most important organ when you want hear your love whispering sweet nothings to you. Without them you won’t hear the ice cream van down the road or Christmas bells on Christmas morning. It’s a good thing scientists 3-D printed human ears on rats. Although it was only for a few months, its good news for the deaf and the dumb.




  1. A Heart

Who doesn’t want another heart? Especially, since the one we have keeps getting broken again and again by that heartless boy or girl. We definitely need a new one to refresh our life and now it is certainly possible. Researchers from The University of California have developed a small heart in a lab, all complete with tiny chambers, connective tissue and that characteristic “beat” which keeps us going. Perhaps further research could develop an “unbreakable” heart, which perhaps will definitely be better.

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