7 Foods That Can Help Or Hurt Your Sex Drive

Who doesn’t want to last on bed forever? Sometimes you’re in the mood and you have a wonderful time while at other times your body simply denies you your pleasure.

It turns out, there are foods which if you chose to eat, will give you a wonderful time indeed by increasing your sex drive.

First things first, we won’t make you wait to know them; here are the 3 foods which will certainly kill your sex drive.

  1. Soybeans, Soy milk, Soy yogurt; All foods with soy

Soybeans and soybean products have plant based estrogen in them, known as soy estrogens which are effective in lowering not only bad cholesterol in the body, but also a decrease in overall serum cholesterol levels.

Now, this may be a good thing for your heart but not to keep you going through the night as serum cholesterol is a precursor for sexual hormones, which are all cholesterol based, and any decrease in it will eventually lead to a decrease in hormones.

  1. Sodas, especially diet sodas

Sodas have been proven again and again to be a poor liquid to drink. Turns out diet soda is even worse than sugary soda because it contains the artificial sweetener aspartame which reduces serotonin levels of your body. As serotonin is an essential hormone so to maintain a sense of calm and peace in your soul, low levels of it lowers libido in both men and women. And aspartame does just that.


  1. Alcohol, particularly beer

A glass of champagne during a party will make you look mature and a complete person but anything more than that and even all your flirting will get you nowhere. Alcohol is a depressant that lowers your sex drive and puts you in the mood of hopeless wandering.

However, if the party is a bachelor party, which you will probably never be able to host again, beer will flow in tons and gallons to say goodbye to your single days and is something which will make next day seem hopeless. Beer happens to have phytoestrogens, which are plant-derived estrogens, which will severely damage your liver. And as your liver is responsible for metabolizing hormones, you will have no hormones when you need them so badly.

But fear not, not all foods are bad for you. Here they are,

  1. Chocolate, dark and bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate may have a slightly bitter taste but it is sweet for your sex life. It is not just a medicine but is something far more delicious and better, for it increases serotonin and dopamine, both of which give you that desired dosage of pleasure in bed.


  1. Red, hot chilies and peppers

Chilies make you hot, literally. They have an androgenic and anabolic effect on the body which is due to the main alkaloid it contains, peperine, and research has shown that although eating chilies and peppers is something only a daring person does, they are safe aphrodisiacs, especially for men.


  1. Nuts of all kinds

Nuts have a high amount of the amino acid arginine, which is a precursor of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow throughout the body making manhood last longer in men and the vaginal tissues more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation in women. In addition, nuts increase good cholesterol in the body and lower blood pressure.


Some of the nuts which are helpful to you are pistachios,arecanuts, almonds and walnuts.

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