7 Tricks To Counter Your Forgetfulness Towards Taking Your Medication In Time

You may forget taking your medicines in time but your body does not forgive you for doing that. Your body needs its daily dose of medication in its due time and anything before or after is not much acceptable.

There may be a lot of reasons why you forgot to take your medicines. Dr. Rob Shmerling, MD, from Harvard Medical School, says, “Forgetfulness is probably one of the major contributors to not taking medications as prescribed.”

50 to 75% of all prescribed medicines are not taken by patients at all but whatever the reasons are, you can still remember to take your medicines by these 7 ways.




  1. Keep A Journal Or Mark A Calendar

Keeping a journal or dairy to keep track of the medicines you take daily is an efficient way to remember at what day and at what time you have to take your medicines.

In addition, it is particularly helpful if you have a calendar which shows you all the medications you have to take at a particular time in a given day or week. This way you’ll start remembering to take your medicines.

  1. Online Google Calendars

Dr. Shmerling suggests that instead of a paper calendar, an online calendar is a beneficial use of the internet to keep track of your medicines.

In addition, you could also ask your phone’s artificial assistant so you don’t forget any medication.




  1. Weekly Pill Box

There are pill boxes available in the market which have seven compartments. Each compartment is marked with the days of week. This is for your ease, so you can prepare each and every medicine you take in a week and never forget even one. If you forget, you know when any compartment contains your daily dose.


  1. Smartphones And Multiple Alarms

Setting up smartphone alarms is a good and easy way to remember your medicines. An alarm can be set for the exact time the medicine has to be taken. If you take medicines several times a day, smartphone alarms are the best way to remind you of when to take which medicine.




  1. Smart Watch Alarms

A smart watch is a useful addition to the electronic devices you own, especially as it sits perfectly on your wrist and is convenient enough to remind you of your capsules and tablets. Just remember to charge your smart watch more frequently than your phone.


  1. Keeping Your Medicines In Plain Sight

Anything out of sight is out of mind. So anything in plain sight is a reminder of what you should do, in this case; taking your medications.

Position your medicine box in such a place, like dining table or living room, that forgetting it is something that can’t happen.


  1. Train Your Mind

Sharpen your mind and prevent it from going rusty and crusty by fighting forgetfulness and remembering mentally how much medication you are supposed to take at what time. This way you will be increasing your mental as well as physical health by keeping an alert mind to take what’s necessary for your body.



If in any case you have other reasons to skip your medicines, openly talk about it with your doctor. Perhaps you don’t feel your conditioning getting better or are experiencing a lot of side effects of the medicine. Whatever the reason, skipping on your medicines could lead to pain, more problems and untimely death.



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