A Misdiagnose Of Heart Disease Can Land You In The Jaws Of Death

You are nearing retirement and planning to buy a vacation home. You didn’t touch your birthday cake this year and your children too are getting into a habit of healthy eating; which seems to originate from you. Your annual appointments with your cardiologist yield good results about your heart but all of a sudden you feel a pain in your shoulder, back or jaw, your consciousness seems to be failing and your world is gradually turning upside down.

It seems you have a heart disease you didn’t know about.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are a major cause of death in the United States. About six hundred thousand people die of various heart diseases, coronary heart disease (CHD) being the most common type of heart disease.  Annually, CVDs claims about 17 million people worldwide and more than half of the deaths are in men.

No wonder cardiovascular problems increase mortality rates but early and proper diagnosis can save plenty of lives.

A study indicates that one in three patients who are diagnosed with myocardial infarction (heart attacks) are actually diagnosed with other problems at their first medical contact. The study aims to inform that early diagnosis of acute CVDs is essential to successfully avoid and treat these problems.

Over 160,000 heart patients from 2004 to 2013 had a different diagnosis on first time and second time they had their hearts checked. This reveals that doctors misdiagnose somewhere between a clinical and a lab diagnosis.

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Detecting a heart disease is a complex issue and there are numerous factors that interlink many mechanisms. For instance, some doctors do not underpin chest pain with heart problems and don’t provide proper care. Some patients do not receive a proper electrocardiograph or medicines on their initial diagnosis. Sometimes proper guidelines are not handed over by the doctor and this result in serious complications.

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Recently, it was expected that heart disease could no longer be the leading cause of death in the U.S but to the contrary the gap may actually be spreading when it comes to heart disease deaths.

Several factors lead to heart diseases such as tobacco use, high blood pressure and a life in front of the TV. Those who avoid these remain healthier and live longer.

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  1. Mike David says

    Each type of disease requires different treatments but may share some warning symptoms or signs. It is important to see your doctor whenever you feel something went wrong with your body. Learn to recognize symptoms that may signal a heart problem. Some of the symptoms I know about heart disease are shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat or faster heartbeat, weakness or dizziness, sweating and some other symptoms like this. So it is better to call your doctor whenever you feel yourself encountered in such type of things.

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