Americans Feel The Heat And Give In To Election Stress Disorder

The political air in America reached a new high following the Clinton-Trump face off in first presidential debate held this Monday.


Be it Clinton or Trump, we are sure that you are feeling the heat which is only going to intensify as the Election Day gets closer.

But do you know that all this political chaos is making a mess of your psychological state? American Psychological Associationclaims that 1 in 4 employees is negatively affected by the political talks at work.

That’s pretty surprising, isn’t it?


The study says this year’s election season is taking a toll on American workers and this election fever is affecting the performance of Americans at work by making them anxious.


These employees are reportedly feeling argumentative, less productive and increasingly stressed. Men are reporting these symptoms twice as much compared with women and similarly, younger workers are more likely to feel the pressure when compared with older generations.  About 54% employees who participated in the study said that they avoid political discussions with their colleagues, while about 20% said that they avoid talking to some co-workers because of their political views.

This Trump versus Clinton war has been waged for a while now. While social media sites help us stay updated on the political weather 24/7, this rising temperature is making us feverish, at the same time.


From Trump’s aggression to Clinton’s cool-headed moves, the Americans are following everything that goes around between these archrivals. Their encounters make us bite our nails as our anxiety knows no limits but this anxiety is now making us prone to suffering from “Election Stress Disorder”.

Yes, you heard it right, amidst the election hype this psychological condition has become a thing.

Maybe, now you can go around and say, “Oh God, I can’t focus on my work today, as I suffer from election stress disorder. I might need to take some days off from work now”.


 Psychologists say that this election stress disorder is not only sucking productivity out of people at work, but also triggering hostility in couples at home.  As these people feel powerless in having a say into the political views of these political candidates, they are projecting this feeling of powerlessness as aggression and irritability.


While the political candidates bash one another as they try to pave their way to the White House, they are leaving adverse affects on the masses. The psychologists however are recommending people to not let go of their cool and do not slip into the pit deep dig by negative vibes in the air.  As Americans begin to shield themselves from these negative emotions around them, they are more likely to focus on keeping control over themselves. Once, these stressed people are in control of themselves, they can focus on the positive things around them and their minds can be at peace.

But how can I not get angry when either of these candidates have the audacity to rub their absurd arguments on our faces? There certainly is a way. Don’t react to a jerk like a jerk, experts recommend.


Please don’t boil your blood at the irrational talks, switch your television off and sleep. Oh, but that’s just my take on this. On the contrary, the experts suggest that don’t let anger settle in and picture yourself advising calmly the presidential candidates respectfully instead of denouncing their views.

By this, the people will be helped in keeping control of their anger at the candidate they oppose and behave normally in their personal and professional life. So keep calm and feel your power on November, the 8th by voting for the candidate you like.


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