Seems like the youth of today and the millennials of yesterday have forgotten the taste of real food and have shifted over to the land of dietary supplements. These individuals are under the false impression that ‘supplements are the food of tomorrow’. News flash! Nothing in this world can replace real, healthy, natural food no matter how many benefits it may ‘supposedly’ have.

Can’t sleep, take a sleeping pill; want a ‘quick fix’ remedy to lose weight, try so-and-so product; can’t relax, take a chill pill (just kidding). Want to look like Rich Piana or the legendary, terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, invest your hard earned money in supplements like steroids or creatinine. The shocking truth about supplements is that they are not as healthy as one might think.

Instead, why not get the nutritional benefits from the natural food itself? Why not live a healthy and energetic life free from the dependency of dietary supplements? Are these supplements doing more harm than good?

After an infant was left dead due to a fungal infection, investigation soon revealed that the hospital had administered a probiotic which was contaminated with the same fungus as that in the baby. Approximately 23,000 individuals are left in the hospital after intake of modern day dietary supplements.

Furthermore, the injurious side effects of some weight loss supplements recently banned by the FDA include high blood pressure, agitation, diarrhea, liver damage and rectal bleeding.

Is the reward worth the risk? Not at all! What may seem aesthetically pleasing to the eyes may not always be as healthy from the inside. Truth is that most fitness models and bodybuilders are generally suffering from a wave of mental and physical disorders and diseases, thanks to the supplement industry.

As Mahatma Gandhi puts it, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” It is safe to say that health is literally the greatest asset we possess, and those fortunate enough to be blessed with it should learn to appreciate the beauty behind it.