Travel Tips To Avoid Zika Virus Transmission During Christmas Holidays


Ever since Xmas holidays began, people have gone into the frenzy of planning, eating and traveling. They are excitedly planning for trips and travel to greet their loved ones.

Christmas trees, found decorated at everyone’s porch, are shinning with loads of twinkling lights, exotic marble cakes are being baked and yummy cane candies, my favorite, have added colors to the magical holidays we await all year.

That’s the good thing about Christmas but as a coin has two sides, this Christmas is escorting Zika threats as well.

In case you forgot, let me remind you that Zika is still a threat to those who are traveling around. Zika is a mosquito-borne infection mainly characterized by fever, joint pain, rash and red eyes. Several cases have been reported around the globe and spikes are still high.

Travelling is important, I know. I have a travel bug too. But make sure you travel safe.

Apparently, there is not any vaccination for Zika and the only cure is prevention for you and for your family, therefore the Center of Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), has issued travel guide which ensures the safety and protection during travel this Christmas.

The safety guidelines are:

  • If you are visiting your loved ones in places which are listed under Zika endemic areas according to CDC, make sure you are equipped with mosquito repellants and ointments. These places include Florida, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
  • In case you are pregnant, do not travel at a first place but if u must, sleep under nets, apply mosquito repellants and avoid exposure to other person’s body fluid and blood.
  • During sex, Zika virus travels from one person to another. Guarantee that your sex is condom protected; condom reduces the chances of getting Zika from sex.
  • Unless it is necessary, make sure places which are Zika endemic are not numbered in your travel wish list.
  • Manifestation of any mild symptom during the travel and the first thing you do is consult GP.
  • When you return, get yourself a blood test or urine test for safety confirmation.

Sounds humongous, I know, but mere few easy steps to go after and you travel safe far away from this creepy little being.

Make sure this Christmas you and your family travel Zika free so, Pack like a champ and travel in style!

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