How To Become US President In 90 Days

On 24th August, In an interview with MedScap, Jeffrey A Lieberman, a psychiatrist from New York, sheds some enlightenment on Mental Health and the Presidency. He outlines three qualities that you need to become the president of the glorious United States of America.


The three attributes which drive a person to undertake all the mental stress that come along with presidency, according to Jeffrey are ‘narcissism, grandiosity, and messianism’. Hearing these three words, one is tempted to think how they relate to Trump and Hilary, and then Trump again.

And one last time, Trump, until you decide that you don’t want to invest any more time and energy thinking about ‘The Trump’.

The second part of Jeffrey’s writing, which deals with what exactly is the potion a person needs to actually run the presidential office, is more fitting to think about if you want to indulge between Hillary and Trump, and choose the more befitting one.giphy

Two hallmarks of a great president are endurance and resilience. Our psychiatrist points out that Bill Clinton possessed both of them. Before you think that somehow Bill rubbed off these traits to Hillary, consider the fact that Trump made it to the finals without the assistance of a presidential spouse.

The now ‘Presidential psycho-analyst’ further reveals that a successful president benefits from emotional control, compartmentalization of issues, and reframing a situation in a positive way.


If you think that the mental state of your nominee actually matters than you might want to take a seat, open up Youtube videos of their speeches and interviews, and pull out a psychology book. But of course if you’re just looking for more reasons to hate on ‘The Trump’, know that it pays to remember a few big psychology words now. I’ll repeats them for you; narcissism, grandiosity and messianic.

  1. Daniel Gill says

    In my opinion Mr Donald don’t have any of these three Qualities mentioned by Jeffrey A Lieberman so is that mean all of fuss about him becoming next president is fake.

    1. Mike David says

      He is not as impressive as President Obama or George W. Bush was before the Elections.

      1. Mike David says

        Not in vain at all. He is one of the main stream topic of national and international media.

  2. Julia Smith says

    If trump become the president of united states he will be the worst ever.

    1. Mike David says

      This is not going to happen 😀

  3. washi darinda says

    trump will be the best ever, people do not know what they are talking about. One should not judge a book by its cover and trump by their speeches.

    1. Mike David says

      But i think we can Judge by majority of Public Opinion.

      1. Nofal Aizaz says

        Yes U are right Mike

        1. Mike David says


          1. Nofal Aizaz says


    2. Julia Smith says

      Oh Come on At least not the Best ever.

      1. Nofal Aizaz says

        I Thought it is Julia

      2. Mike David says

        yes Of course not the best ever but also not the worst one

    3. Daniel Gill says

      Interesting but not Agreed.

      1. AvatarShmavatar says

        this is a piece of sh*t article anyways, the writer is too much of a wuss to say any thing conclusive

        1. Daniel Gill says

          Come on!!! one of the best New York Psychiatrist talking

          1. Nofal Aizaz says

            Why are you not agree Deniel Gill ??

        2. Mike David says

          So Funny.

  4. Morbid Serenade says

    HAhaha…. This is So goddd damn.. crazyyyy

    1. Mike David says


      1. Nofal Aizaz says

        yup that is right

    2. Daniel Gill says


    3. AvatarShmavatar says

      no its not. this is not exciting in anyway what so ever

  5. Mike David says

    There is nothing to be amazed this is a serious thing to look at.

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