Bullying Depresses Women More Than Men

The golden days of college are not alluring for everyone. With the topsy-turvy moods of a college student, who has to juggle life, love and study all in one hand and maintain their dignity in the other hand without sacrificing too much sleep, it’s bad enough that female college students are hit harder than male college students when maintaining their honor.

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According to a new study carried on 480 college students by Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D., Edward William Gutgsell & Jane Marr Gutgsell Endowed Professor at the University of Illinois, women struggle more than men with childhood trauma and emotional damage, as the present higher levels of depression, anxiety and PTSD. The traumas included are robbery, sexual assault and domestic violence from birth to age 17.

There is a possibility that students who are seeking help may have already undergone multiple forms of traumatic experience. The symptoms of PTS in college students due to cyber bullying is common and have the same effects as violence and can have diverse effects for many years. Experts say that developing social connections is the best way to help victims cope with emotional stress and other traumatic experiences.

Psychologists are of the view that self-esteem is important to keep up with the bullying pattern. The students that are involved in bullying face some environmental problems at home or in the community that is indulged in these acts.

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Nowadays with advancement in technology, the patterns of bullying and abuse have also evolved. The domineering population is just one click away from ruining anyone’s life and even here i.e. on the social media, women are victimized more than men.

“Children cannot get a quality education if they don’t first feel safe at school”, said Arne Duncan former U.S. Secretary of Education. A report by Institute of Education Sciences highlights that about 28 percent of students’ aged 12–18 were bullied at school, 30% of students confessed to taking part in bullying. The high school students are not free from this phenomenon, 20% of high school students say they have seriously considered suicide within the last 12 months. CDC reported that nearly 7% students admitted that they did not go to school due to safety concerns and about 70% of students observed bullying in their schools. It also says that a bully is 5 times more likely to have a criminal record and 6 times more likely to be incarcerated by the age of 24.

Technology keeps changing, now it’s on our wrists and on top of our noses, and cyberbullies will keep inventing new ways to target their victims. School bullying has taken a new shape in cyber and digital bullying and it will continue until the opportunity for the bullies aren’t there.

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