Calorie Labels On Fast Food Need A Different Approach

Fast food chains are like the ad that keeps popping up everywhere you go. Even more so, it haunts you in your dreams and doesn’t let you sleep. And this is because fast food is not like an ad, it certainly is THAT ad that bothers you everywhere.

As fast food goes in our mouth, it makes perfect sense to start putting calorie labels on it to prevent us eating more. So does a little label with a few numbers crunched on it helps avoid that delicious looking huge burger which probably does more to your body than the label says?

A new study points out that its improbable. Researcher Andrew Breck, a PhD student from the New York University School of Medicine, says that the purpose of a calorie-labeling campaign is that the consumers see the calorie labels, understand how much calories they need to eat and stay motivated to eat healthy.

Their data indicates that less than 8% of fast food consumers make healthy choices based on what the calorie label says while the rest just ignore the facts. This is why simply presenting the calorie count is not enough.




Based on responses from about 700 people surveyed in fast food restaurants and phone interviews from 700 people, Breck and his team concluded that labels need improvement for such laws to have an impact.

The researchers found out that nutrition labels went unnoticed by nearly two-third of the people surveyed and one-third interviewed on the phone.

For the label to be effective, it must be clearer, bigger and in plain sight. It must also be able to motivate people concerned more with cost than nutrition.

The authors also hope that posting calorie count on menus will cause some restaurants to add new and healthful options to their menus.

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