These days the focus of those who are diet conscious has shifted to the simple ‘Paleo diet’ that our ancestors used to eat millions of years ago. In the old days, people used to eat simple raw food, chiefly consisting of vegetables, fruit and meaty options including meat and fish. But nobody knew that this diet would link back to cannibalism — the human flesh eating practice. Well, that is a shocker!

Apparently, we did not receive the memo that eating our human friends and fellows would make us healthy! Scientific evidence from a research study published in the journal Nature has revealed that Neanderthals — the cavemen that are our closest extinct human relatives — actually used to eat other humans.

Even after 150 years since the very first Neanderthal was identified, the abilities of those before us still remain a mystery. Archaeologists have found 99 new remains of Neanderthals, including bones from the Troisième caverne of Goyet (Belgium) that show clear signs of butchery.

The researchers viewed bones of the Neanderthal skeletons which showed that flesh had been expertly removed from the bones in a way that only a human could do. The skeletal bones and evidence showed how those before us ate not just animals but also one another.

The cut marks, pits and notches point out towards some clear signs of slaughtering performed by human hands. The Neanderthals carried out cannibalism by skinning, cutting up, and extraction of the bone marrow of their kind. The lead researcher adds that it is not clear whether those remains were butchered as part of some symbolic act or simply for food. Well, whatever the reasons might be we should try to stay clear of this part of the Paleo diet.