8 Reasons Why Star Wars Won’t Be The Same Without Carrie Fisher

We fail to realize the influence of silver screen until reality takes away the characters from our life.

Well, this time 2016 has really done it. 2016 has made sure that either we do not form an emotional bond celebrities or we start believing that even the news is a part of fiction now.

From Rock to Pop Music, from Black and White to Color Screen, the year basically took away from us all the “Classics”.

These incidences have had a traumatic effect on the audience for whom the departed ones were more than just characters, they were the vehicles of their emotions.

This time it’s the fans of Star Wars the show which has transcended generations. But sadly, the one of the face behind the immortal characters died.

Yes, you might have read and heard it the news that Princess Leia herself, the brilliant actress Carrie Fisher, is no more with us. Princess Leia wasn’t an ordinary character in the movie, her role resonated with many.

She was the voice of the oppressed who stood against tyranny. Unlike the indifferent cult, she stepped up for justice and helped those in need.

Many have been inspired and motivated by the sheer force have her character and the fact that she has left us, leaves a void in our hearts.

Fisher was travelling from London to Los Angeles on Friday, Dec. 23, when she went into cardiac arrest, when her plane was just about to land.

Paramedics removed her from the plane and rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she received treatment for a heart attack.

She remained unresponsive, but unfortunately passed away on 27th December in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, United States.

As a token of my appreciation, in order to honor her memory I have compiled a list of why Star Wars will never be the same without her.

  1. She Was A Brilliant Actress

    This one is quite an obvious one! Really, I mean c’mon. Having received training in acting in 1973, when she was enrolled at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, which she attended for 18 months, and being the daughter of a great actress Debbie Reynolds, she was an exceptional performer from the get go.

    Turning scene after scene into a visual joy to remember.

    Her acting was so exceptional in fact that she beat out some stiff competition from the like of heavyweights such as Sigourney Weaver, Kim Basinger, Sissy Spacek, Farrah Fawcett, Meryl Streep, Kathleen Turner, Jessica Lange, Cybill Shepherd, Jane Seymour, Anjelica Huston, Glenn Close, and Geena Davis.

  2. She Quickly Became A Mentor To The Younger Cast

    Becoming a mentor doesn’t come easy, for this you have to have driven, charming, excellent at what you do and above all impressionable especially to the young at heart, luckily Carries possessed all these qualities in plentiful abundance.

    She prepped, motivated a lot of her younger costars by giving them acting advice, career advice, and plain old worldly wisdom that she had gained by years of working on the film.

    The newest cast member Daisy Ridley who played the character of Rey in Force Awakens clearly showed marks of both Princess Leia and Luke SkyWaker mixed in her, but being the female leading cast, she took akin to Carrie as her mentor.

  3. She Fought For Her Lines

    Apart from being just a mesmerizing presence on the big screen she was a brilliant writer as well, having pinned such classics as: “Wishful Drinking”, “Postcards From the Edge” and her latest “the princess diarist”

    She brought more to the table than just her phenomenal acting chops, no she was a brilliant mind that fought to make the character of princess Leia that we all know and love today.

    She set her character Princess Leia’s minute details to the last tee, often arguing with George Lucas when she felt Leia’s lines were a bit out of place or did not fit perfectly during a given scene.

    This made her character stand out more than the other, in my opinion.

    Moreover, we all know how George Lucas hated being corrected, so it made us love her even more, which I was sure wasn’t possible.

  1. She Was A Style Icon

    She carried the bagel bun hairstyle with such poise and panache that u can’t imagine anyone else with that hairstyle.

    Even though she hated that sort of wacky but now totally iconic hairstyle, she mentioned she did not want to upset George Lucas as she was afraid of getting fired so she carried on and made the look her own.

    The Cinnabon-sized buns, which were large enough to cover both of Fisher’s ears, became an instantly recognizable Star Wars look that she helped made famous enough to be used by runway models and fangirls alike, making it sexy and nerdy enough to cater to fans from all walks of life

  1. Her Iconic Persona Made Us Feel A Deep Appreciation Of Movies

    Carrie along with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill remained the screen heroes of many adults and teenagers for many decades to come.
    She started a revolution in geek culture and nerd fandom, that continues to be a force to be reckoned with till this day.
    And rightly so, when we first watched her on the big screen it made boys fell in love with her, due to her unending charisma and beauty, which would take many years to get over completely, if I’m being honest with you.
    But more importantly she was at the forefront of leading the sci-fi revolution, which made us deeply appreciate the art of filmmaking and revitalized the cinema going culture.

  1. She Was A Role Model To Women All Over The Galaxy

    George Lucas with the help of crafty marketing made Carrie the center of the first film in the trilogy, and rightly so I might add, to attract women and young girls to watch his movie, by releasing poster where Carrie was the center of attention (in a good way).

    This strategy worked brilliantly as not only Carrie’s role was pivotal in bringing Luke Skywalker and Han Solo together, but also in leading the fight against the Dark Side.

    Therefore, she became an overnight hit as being the lead heroine on which the fate of the galaxy depended

  1. She Brought Humor To The Set

    Princess Leia in real life might seem a bit too royal so to speak, and at times serious, hey she had the immense task of bringing down the evil guys, who can blame her! In real life though, Carrie was a real goofball she used to argue, crack jokes and just plain piss off George Lucas between scenes, which is always fun.

    She and Harrison Ford had real chemistry between them, unlike any seen during that time. It was all because of her badass personality and incredibly quick wit and wicked sense of humor.

  1. She Was A Part Of Most Of Our Childhood

    Let’s face it most of us who watched Star Wars watched when we were very little probably around the age of 10 to 15, most of us couldn’t comprehend what we were watching at the time, but one thing we all knew instantly was just how vital Carrie was to the movie, her chemistry with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill was one of the main contributor to Star Wars’ massive success.

    It’s her bond both (fictional and real life) that she shared with her Ford and Hamill that we fell in love with the first time all of us saw the movie.

    It’s her iconic dialogs, her fights and nagging, it’s her character’s quick wit and snarky humor that made us fell in love with her. And let’s be honest after all these years, watching Star Wars for the billionth time, I am convinced and so are all of you that no one, I repeat no one can replace her as princess Leia.
    Carrie Fisher has left a massive hole in our hearts, and her legacy is no short of a remarkable achievement captured on film.

    It’s time for the younger generation of actors that includes Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac to honor her memory, carry her legacy and make her proud as she watches the next Star Wars movie with sparkly eyes as part of stardust.

    And now I’ll leave you with my personal favorite princess Leia quote which she said in The Empire Strikes Back, “Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder.”

    Now I bid you adieu, I am off to watch the original Star Wars trilogy for the billionth and one time, and cry in my Bobba Fett pillow as I do.

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