Prince Harry often makes his way to the headlines owing to his flamboyant nature. Known for his love for partying and YOLO-attitude towards life in general, the prince defies social pressure of belonging to the Royal Family of England.

Today, the prince used his charming public presence to a noble cause. Covered live on Facebook earlier today, Prince Harry took an HIV blood test at sexual health clinic in Burrell Street, Central London.

British royal family’s Facebook page shown the live streaming, reaching out to millions of followers.

Qualifying at the most common sexually transmitted diseases, more than 100,000 people in UK are living with the disease.   With this test, the prince helped raise awareness about getting tested for HIV. Usually associated with stereotyped mortality of a person, many sufferers go unchecked for the disease.

This effort from the prince gives out a public service message, loud and clear that HIV test is for everybody. Advocating the need for the role of youth to fight off AIDS, this step forward from the prince reiterates that the test is for everybody, no matter who you are, it’s also good to get the test.

The-31-year-old prince took the simple finger prick test and got the results after a few seconds. Tested negative for the test, the blood droplet from Britain’s royal bloodline was mixed with a chemical reagent. The resulting single blue spot confirmed that the prince was healthy. If otherwise, two spots are observed, further testing is warranted.