Cockroach Milk Is The Drink Of The Future

There are people who can willingly eat anything and everything under the sun on a daily basis, such as Bear Grylls, famous for ‘Man vs World’ TV series. But as it happens, such an insect consuming lifestyle might become a norm for the rest of the world as cockroaches are being given the status of the ‘food of the future’.

There is a species of cockroaches called Diploptera punctata that not only gives birth to live young ones instead of eggs but also produces milk. This milk contains protein crystals, a single crystal of which is three times as high in calories as buffalo milk and 4 times as high as cow milk. This might be the answer to the ever increasing world hunger crises.

But does this mean cockroaches are now going to be pumped for milk? Thankfully not, instead the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India plans on identifying the genes that produce these protein crystals in the cockroaches. Once the genes are identified, the plan is to get yeast to produce it in mass quantities. Subramaniam Ramsey, project leader, is particularly excited about the time-released property of this milk. Once the milk is consumed, the crystals further produce proteins at an equivalent rate for continuation of digestion.

While the cockroach milk ice-cream isn’t here yet, the future does look intriguing. Who even thought of looking into cockroaches to solve world hunger? And who could have imagined that it would be the cockroaches that now hold the answer? What a time to be alive!

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