For all the coffee lovers out there, did you know a tall Starbucks coffee cup contains the highest amount of caffeine among other popular caffeinated drinks? A tall Starbucks cup of coffee is 12 ounces (oz.) and contains 260 mg of caffeine, making it a highly caffeinated drink. In contrast, a 12 oz. can of Coke only contains 34 mg of caffeine, while an 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine. We came upon with this priceless information on BuzzFeed in a quiz, where they asked if we knew how much of caffeine was present in our favorite drinks.

Your Cup Of Coffee May Be More Than You Can Handle

For mere mortals, the official daily limit of caffeine is set at 400 mg per day. Otherwise, too much caffeine can harm our health, often leading to irritability, insomnia, hypertension, stomach problems etc. When reading scientific data on drinking coffee, it may seem like no help since it is confusing and contradicting but what we need to understand is that the only way we can maintain a healthy relationship with our coffee cup is by having a balanced truce with caffeine. Caffeine is a bioactive compound present in coffee beans which has the power to stimulate our brain, so even though the boost can be welcome at time, too much of stimulation can even harm us.

The American addiction for coffee is a known fact. The FDA claims every day an average adult consumes 300 milligrams of caffeine by drinking various beverages like coffees, soft drinks and teas only, the amount of caffeine in other foods is still not recorded. So, if you are going to heed our advice, then beware of drinking more than one tall cup of Starbucks coffee. You know it is already fulfilling more than your daily limit of caffeine.