We all love our teeth, don’t we? I remember all the chocolates I had to sacrifice so that I could savor two rows of perfect permanent teeth (victory prevailed). But does everyone give their dental care the same consideration? The answer is a blunt no.

We remember our teeth either while chewing food particles well enough to be swallowed or when we accidently see our smile and realize something is obviously wrong with them. Oh, those discolored teeth ruined my picture. Oh, damn that gap in the teeth looks so ugly. I have got to go to the dentist.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of situations when we actually heed to oral health. But now is the time to wake up from this sleep of oblivion and start considering the importance of oral health.

A recent research from experts in Taiwan has found a novel association between dental care and bone infections in osteoarthritis patients. It is suggested that end-stage osteoarthritis patients often go for knee replacement procedure. Known commonly as total knee arthroplasty (TKA), this procedure is often followed by peri-prosthetic joint infections.

Interestingly, it was observed that about 10% of the TKA cases are contributed by the presence of oral bacteria. These bacteria enter the bloodstream and cause trouble for patients who have undergone TKA which include loss of joint function, mobility issues, revision surgery and increased mortality.

The researchers from National Cheng Kung University analyzed 1,291 patients who had received the surgery between 1999 and 2002 and investigated into the post-surgery problems. It was found that people who took good care of their oral health had reduced chances of getting peri-prosthetic joint infections. These patients had regular dental scaling and routine appointments with their dentists to ensure healthy teeth.

People who underwent one to four scaling procedures in a period of three years had a risk rate of infection reduced by 16% and for those who had the same for five to six times had the risk reduced to 31%.

Now that you know dental care is not so trivial at all, start paying attention to your oral health today, so you do not suffer tomorrow!