For most of us nightmares end with us waking up, sweating and quenching our thirst with an icy, cold glass of water, but unfortunately, for the misguided youth inside juvenile detention centers of Australia, reality is nothing less than a manifestation of their worst nightmares.

Some might call it modern day barbarism, others inhumane. We think it is downright outrageous to treat a child like an animal who heading to a slaughterhouse. Can you imagine being forced to wear a spit hood as if you were the psychotic Hannibal Lector? Or being handcuffed barbarically with cable ties? Or tear gassed at close range by the same law enforcers who have taken an oath to protect you? Talk about betrayal!

Footage of these animalistic acts inside the prison emerged on the internet on 25th July, thanks to the efforts of the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC).But the most atrocious act committed inside the four walls of the Don Dale Youth Detention Center was the solitary confinement of six children for an extended period of 15-17 days, far beyond the accepted period of 24 hours.

According to a study conducted by the Bostin Children’s Hospital, those who suffer from social neglect and isolation (as in those in the prison cell) have cognitive and social impairments as adults. Furthermore, it was revealed that the social isolation endured as a child prevents the cells that make up the brain’s white matter from maturing and from secreting the right amount of myelin, a substance that helps transmit the long distance messages in the brain.

The above study highlights just a few of the many side effects of long term isolation. No one really knows what mental disorders may be brewing inside the minds of the claustrophobic teens locked up inside an old concrete cell, with no running water and enveloped by darkness.