Does Size Matter To Women?

Women who have had sexual experiences with the opposite sex have often reported that they were disappointed when it came to the penis they were served, owing to the expectations in their heads. Some blame the porn for raising their expectations others blame their lower sexual activity under influence of alcohol.


Studies have been done in the past in an effort to solve this myth. A study done in the past revealed that the average penis size when erect was 5 inches and the diameter of girth was found to be 1.5 inches. More specific results came in the view when a study conducted in 2013 corrected the average erect penis to be 5.6 inches having a girth of 4.8 inches.

Dr. Ed took the liberty of conducting a survey of women belonging to a wide age range from 18 to 75. They were asked to share what an ideal penis size was in their opinion. They were also asked to guess the size of an erect penis. The women participating in this survey were residents of various European countries and United States.

According to the results of the survey, men and women both share some very unrealistic perceptions of an average penis size. According to the responses from women, an ideal penis should be approximately 15 cm while the men resorted to a little above 16 cm.


Most of the participants responded with a greater ideal penis size than average penis size. The largest difference of size was between the statistics from the United States where the ideal penis size was  longer than one inches compared to the average penis size.

As a whole, there is no specific figure to denote an average penis size or ideal penis. Regardless of that women still latch on to their unrealistic expectations in terms of penis sizes which tends to push men towards penis enlargement surgeries. Penis surgeries for length enlargements and girth enhancement have gained enough attention in the past.


The best answer to whether the size matters or not is that it is all relative. It depends on the mass and shape of the body of the man and the girth of his penis. There are chances that a man who went for penis enlargement had a normal sized penis.

It is for the benefit of both the sexes to tone their expectations according to the reality, because it is the human body we are talking about at the end of the day.

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