Don’t Let Holiday Season Dull You. Walk In The Mall!

Christmas holidays are back again. It’s that time of the year when people plan meet and greets, cook delicious food and bake exotic meals, while few, simply put on their wool socks and stay all day long inside their house, slumbering on their favorite couches slurping their hot chocolate shakes.

Hot chocolate shakes? Yummy!

But, inactivity for a whole week can be viciously troublesome as it can make you feel lousy and dull for the holidays to. So, instead of staying inside, in your pajamas, why not plan a walk to your nearest mall this christmas.

The question is: What is mall walking?

It is an activity of strolling, either alone or with your partner, inside huge buildings we apparently call shopping malls, instead of open streets and parks, to keep yourself warm, particularly when the outside is freezing.

Walk in a shop-a big shop. Sounds attractive.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends that people who are likely to become couch potatoes during winters break, must visit their nearby malls and have a walk.

Malls are attractive and fun places, they are well furnished, well lit and have a flat walking floors. They also provide yummy and delicious food.

Now I am motivated!

Mall walking is mainly for those who are aiming to be couch potatoes during the holidays. It is mainly advised to avoid lethargy, majorly among older people who are tending to be more inactive.

Record shows that about 31 million adults are inactive, during their 50’s.

Additionally, physical inactivity is associated with many other health conditions as well. It can contribute to the occurrence of heart conditions, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers.

Physical inactiveness is mainly a symptom of aging, when people age they become comparatively less active and prefer to stay inside their houses instead of roaming around.

Promise yourself that this christmas would not be about being couch potatoes! Promise? Good!

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