It seems the food that is supposedly the healthiest option in the menu has ultimately become the most dangerous one as well. Recent reports have revealed that two people died of E. coli infection by eating unwashed salad.

While the Public Health England is still trying to determine the exact cause behind this E. coli outbreak, the most likely candidate is the salad being purchased from local markets. The mixed salad, containing rocket leaves, was being consumed by customers who were not washing it beforehand. This ultimately became the reason why more than 150 people became infected, across Scotland, Wales and England.

The E. coli O157 bug is mainly found either in the gut or feces of livestock, such as cattle, and is easily able to contaminate food and water. The local wholesalers are being told to remove rocket leaves from their sale items while public message is being broadcasted to warn people about the outbreak. Simply washing hands as well as the salad should be enough to save people from the infection. In the meanwhile, the already unpopular healthy food item, salad, loses more popularity votes as the it becomes the unwitting host of the deadly infection.