Erectile Dysfunction to Become a Non-Issue

“Worry is to human beings what a condom is to a man with erectile dysfunction”, truly a deep insight by the mighty philosopher Mokokoma Mokhonoana. But what does it actually mean to have an erectile dysfunction in this day and age?

An article featured in Evidence Based Nursing, reveals two major psychological issues associated with erectile dysfunction in men, a feeling of loss and a sense of being alone.

Irrespective of the era they live in, men still invariably link an inability to attain an erection to their masculinity and a subsequent demotion in social ladder. The qualitative analysis found that men with erectile dysfunction were sensitized to the issues of erections and sex. The participants felt that men had created this -often tough to meet- benchmark of manhood themselves, which was centered on sexual performance.

The other facet of complications mentioned in the Evidence Based Nursing article emphasized, ‘how men had trouble communicating erectile issues to others’. The paper reveals how the problem weighs substantially on older men. These aged individuals even had difficulty conveying their problems in a professional environment, where the younger population spilled the beans.

The probability of suffering from erectile dysfunction along with cardiovascular disorders increases as males age. The two disorders often go hand in hand, with erectile dysfunction being a symptom of the more severe condition.

Now scientists have uncovered that the ubiquitous drugs, statins, commonly used to lower blood cholesterol levels, can also help people with attaining and maintaining erections.
Titled “The effect of statins in erectile dysfunction”, the study hits hard on the issue. The researchers recruited 100 participants, half of whom were taking the statin atorvastatin while the other 50 received no statin medication.
They then used the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction Questionnaire, and found a drop of roughly 5 points in the severity of the condition. The maximum total points for the intensity of the condition are 30 in this index.
At one point, statins were thought to be one of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction. However, the drugs were defamed without any hard proof. Back in 2008, statins were thought to lower the body’s testosterone levels. But after an extensive review of the literature, the verdict is clear, stains help with maintaining erections.


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