Even Technology And Medicines Cannot Make You Outrun Death

Death comes to everyone. Death comes swiftly and quickly. Death doesn’t ask permission to enter your house. Death is a bitter truth and the ultimate destination of all.

The wisest of people said that and they were right. There is certainly no escape from The Man With The Scythe for he visits everyone once in their lifetime.

The wonders and marvels of technology and science never cease to amaze us. In fact the opposite is true, our amazement has been quenched with the everyday opening of new doors in the field of technological advancements and new inventions have become a norm in our daily lives.


So it must come as no surprise that these miracles of science cannot extend our life as much as we want to.


In a new article published in Nature and written by scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York the focus is on the life expectancy of the common man and woman.

Even though our lives have been made easy and prolonged due to ground breaking medical sciences from the 19th century onward, the years we live are still limited.




According to the three authors of the article, age tends to decline after the age of 100 and the age of the oldest person has not increased since the 1990s although we have made numerous contributions to health and medicine ever since.


The maximum reported age was that of Jeanne Calment who lived till the ripe age of 122 and 164 days till 1997.




Although the number of people surviving for 70 years and above has increased around the world, survival rates starts declining after that.




This also raises several question against all those wondrous creams which aim to make you “ageless” and “forever young” with just a swab and a dab. Clearly, all those who become grandparents need a heavy supply of these creams.

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